Toxic Foam Is Fouling the Streets of Bangalore

Foam blowing through city streets sounds like it could be a pleasant sight, but as the residents of a Bangalore, India, neighborhood are discovering, it can be incredibly unpleasant. During major rainstorms, a white foam has been forming on the surface of Varthur Lake, on the east side of the city. High winds then whip it up and blow it around what is known as the “Silicon Valley of India.” The foam is disrupting traffic, but more than that—it’s toxic.

#BLR not only had rainfall but also snowfall. This is Varthur Lake foam engulfing vehicles on the bridge.

— RK Misra (@rk_misra) July 29, 2016

That’s because the foul-smelling foam, which can cause skin and respiratory problems, contains phosphorous from sewage and industrial pollution in the lake, according to CNN….

Do You Have The Right Mattress For Your Body Type?

what is the best mattress
what is the best mattress

If you have been frequently waking up with back pains and a bad mood, it’s probably your mattress to blame.

In general, we spend as much as a third of our lives in bed so it’s only right that we invest in the right mattress. It should be able to give you both comfort and support so your spine, ligaments and muscles can relax during the only time your body gets to relax.

So, should you get a new mattress? Check out these telltale signs:

  • If your mattress is already sagging, it’s high time you give it a rest. Over time, springs can break down, fibers can wear out and foams can get softer. These things can mean lack of support to your most vulnerable parts.
  • The presence of lumps can mean uneven density and this can lead to uncomfortable pressure points.
  • Ideally, you should replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years. If yours is more than that, you’re compromising your sleep.
  • The presence of more pains and aches than you had before you went to bed is a clear sign you already need a replacement.
  • Most mattresses can accumulate allergens, particularly mold, dust mites and mildew. If you find yourself sneezing whenever you get close to your bed, consider assessing your mattress.

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What Is The Best Mattress?

The best mattress is the one that will work best for your body type. As your body has its own contours and needs, you have to know exactly what your options are. There several types of mattresses you can choose from.

Here are some of them:

Memory Foam

The memory foam, particularly the visco elastic foam, is conceptualized by NASA scientists. It’s patterned from the material that was supposed to absorb the effects of G forces during the take-off process.

Compared with other mattresses, this one is special in that it follows the contour of the sleeper’s body. It helps distribute weight to eliminate pressure points. This makes memory foam great for those who suffer from back problems and other body aches.

There are different formulations when it comes to memory foams. There’s the standard memory foam that is temperature sensitive. There’s also the plant-based memory foam which is more breathable and has a faster response. The last type is the gel-infused type which is commonly marketed as…

Meet The Man Making Surfboards More Green

Surfing is an unfortunately wasteful sport. Surfboards can be made with one of two types of foam: polyurethane or polystyrene. Neither material is biodegradable, and they can both be toxic to aquatic life. Polystyrene, the kind typically used for foam packaging like styrofoam, is a petroleum-based product that is banned in various cities. When boards break, leftover foam is typically left in the ocean or sent to a landfill where it could hypothetically sit for centuries. Luckily, there are people working for a solution by implementing recycled foam into new boards.

Recycling foam into boards is an obvious but seldom practiced…