A French valley with forests so lush it was nicknamed “the Small Amazonia of the Pyrenees.”

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A small waterfall in the Gourgue d’Asque
Trees in the Gourgue d’Asque Edouard (Atlas Obscura User)
Arros River in the Gourgue d’Asque Hervé Delesalle/CC BY SA 3.0
A bridge over the Arros River Adrianstork/CC BY SA 4.0
Leaning trees in the Gourgue d’Asque Edouard (Atlas Obscura User)
Trees hanging over the Arros River Gérald ARFEUIL/Public Domain (Public Domain)
Moss covered trees in Gourgue d’Asque Edouard (Atlas Obscura User)

With giant centipedes scurrying around and rocks and trees covered with moss and lichens, visitors to the Gourgue d’Asque might think they have wandered out of Europe and into a rainforest somewhere south of the equator. They are still in France, though, down near the Spanish border.

Just south of its namesake commune, the gorge…

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According to the study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado, rainforests are valuable carbon sinks that absorb massive amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. Without these tropical ecosystems, the earth wouldn’t have nearly as much mitigation on the global effects of climate change.

Up until now, scientists have spent decades believing that as global temperatures rise and rainfall increases, rainforests essentially start to drown and die out due to the excess water.

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