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Here’s How Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Salary Really Compares to Male Superhero Stars

Hollywood’s biggest superheroes have some pretty super salaries.

As moviegoers continue to flock to the theater to experience Wonder Woman, some fans are wondering just how much Gal Gadot received for her role.

Because the film has earned the title for most tweeted-about movie in 2017, it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of those messages are in regards to money. One tweet, however, grabbed the attention of more than just a few Hollywood followers.

According to Buzzfeed, one freelance journalist reported that Gal made $300,000 for Wonder Woman while Henry Cavill made a whopping $14 million for Man of Steel.

So what’s the truth? While nobody knows exact figures, a source shared with Buzzfeed that Gal was paid “at least” as much for her latest film as Henry’s Man of Steel gig.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

A separate source from Vanity Fair agreed and explained the…

Gal Gadot Got Paid the Same as Henry Cavill in Their Superhero Stand-Alone Debuts

Slow your roll, Twitter Outrage.
Clay Enos/Warner Bros.; Courtesy of Photofest

Contrary to a story that Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot made millions less than her DC counterpart Henry Cavill as Superman, the two were paid the same for their debut standalone outings.

That’s according to a source familiar with both negotiations, who told The Hollywood Reporter that Gadot made the same amount upfront if not slightly more on Wonder Woman than Cavill made on 2013’s Man of Steel.

The alleged salary discrepancy story was based on a post from Elle magazine, which cobbled together salary information that had previously appeared in various publications and did not differentiate between upfront salary vs. bonuses and performance escalators.

The story was later updated but caused a stir on the internet as Hollywood’s gender gap on wages has become a popular issue. The Elle story said Gadot was paid $300,000 for Wonder Woman vs. $14 million Cavill received for Man of Steel. The…

Zack Snyder Compares Wonder Woman To Batman v Superman

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Last year, Wonder Woman debuted in the DCEU to intense fanfare, but critics did not the confusion they felt over her character. Gal Gadot brought poise to Diana Prince, but her disinterest in helping mankind left plenty taken aback. Batman v Superman presented Wonder Woman as a grittier heroine, but that darkness wasn’t seen anywhere in the heroine’s new standalone. Wonder Woman made Diana out to be a pure hero who didn’t have the hang-ups she did in Batman v Superman. And, now, director Zack Snyder says that stark character contrast was planned from the start.

With Wonder Woman’s release crushing box office expectations, Warner Bros. is poised to release Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of The Film. The behind-the-scenes peek features interviews from various crew members, and Snyder sat down for an interview thanks to his producer status. It was during the chat that Snyder revealed Wonder Woman was always meant to show a more unaffected side of Diana.

“She offers a unique opportunity to speak to what it is to be a strong, powerful, independent woman. It’s a glance that is necessary in the world, as well as the way that we represent heroes onscreen,” Snyder explained.

“Having that equal representation of male and female energy is really important to me. I love that there’s a purity to Wonder Woman. She doesn’t have the broken past, she’s not seeking revenge on people that wronged her. She can just be a hero.”

Both of Wonder Woman’s DCEU spots have been vastly different in tone and action. The character’s standalone follows the…

Gal Gadot Isn’t Wearing Heels On Her ‘Wonder Woman’ Press Tour

The “Wonder Woman” star has almost exclusively worn flat or nearly flat shoes to promote her record-breaking, widely praised film. She’s been spotted in fancy Christian Louboutins, sporty-looking sneakers and, most wonderfully, a pair of $50 Aldo flat sandals she wore to the film’s Hollywood premiere.

Gadot is hardly the first woman to steal our hearts by prioritizing comfort on the red carpet, but hers was a pointed decision she said has been years in the making.

“I want to create this trend of doing red carpets in flats,” she told USA Today. “I love wearing high heels, it’s beautiful, it’s sexy, whatever. But at the same time, especially stilettos, it puts us out of balance. We can…

Wonder Woman: Where Is Themyscira Anyway?

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Patty Jenkins’ stunning depiction of the homeland of the Amazons and Diana just about steals the show in Wonder Woman’s early moments. Things get a bit muddled though when you try and discover just where the famed island exists in the real world.

There are a few landmarks that fans can use when trying to sort out where Themyscira is located. In the scene where Steve Trevor steals Doctor Poison’s notebook, the location is classified as Turkey (via UPROXX). His plane lands in Themyscira during his journey to London, a trip they end up completing by boat from Themyscira (with the aid of a tugboat).

That means it is somewhere in between those two points, but there’s a problem with that theory.

If you measure that in real world travel, he and Diana would have traveled through well known and frequently traveled places like the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, the Black Sea, as well as the English Channel. Even with the fog and shield, there’s little chance that others would not have found Themyscira.

That means the most probable option is that it moves locations every so often so that no one can find their way back to it. That would also explain why if…

Captain America Congratulates Wonder Woman On Twitter

Wonder Woman notched over $100 million dollars at the box office over the course of the movie’s opening weekend and continues power ahead, both critically and financially.

Hollywood stars have taken to their various social media platforms to praise both Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince as well as Patty Jenkin’s superhero directorial debut. Now, Chris Evans — the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Steve Rogers/Captain America — has reached out to congratulate the movie on Twitter.

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“Wow!!!!” Evans posted on the microblogging service. “HUGE congrats.”

Evans rounded the tweet out by adding in an explosion emoji while tagging the movie’s official Twitter profile.

Grossing $122.5 million internationally, Wonder Woman’s $223 million was enough to unseat Fifty Shades of Grey as the largest opening for a woman-directed film.

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 4,…

‘Wonder Woman 2’: Where the Franchise Should Go Next

Here are 5 questions the next solo movie needs to answer.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Wonder Woman.]

Not since Marvel’s first Iron Man in 2008 has a superhero movie left audiences wanting more as soon as possible as Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. Of course, they’ll get more this November when Gal Gadot returns in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but it’s not the same; there, she’ll be one of five heroes — six, if Superman returns — instead of the star of her own show. And, as her first solo movie demonstrated, there’s a lot of space left to be explored when it comes to Diana, Princess of Themiscyria.

What Did Diana Do Next?

There’s literally a century of time between the end of Wonder Woman and her re-emergence as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a lot of untold story to connect those two narrative dots. Where did Diana go for all that time? How did she become acclimatized to the world beyond Themiscyria to the extent that she appears to be in BvS? Was she retired all that time, or working in secret — and if so, what was she doing? (If she didn’t have secret missions run by Etta Candy, then it’s yet more proof that we’re living in the darkest timeline.) There is more than enough material to be mined from this century time gap for a sequel… if not multiple movies.

Is Ares Actually Dead?

It certainly looked like Ares was fully defeated — and destroyed — at the end of the movie, but is it really that…

Gal Gadot Wears Affordable Flats to ‘Wonder Woman’ Premiere

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Superheroes prefer comfort, too.

Gal Gadot attended the Wonder Woman premiere in L.A. on Thursday, looking wondrous in a red Givenchy gown by Riccardo Tisci. Styled by THR power stylist Elizabeth Stewart, the actress and new mom paired her shimmery dress with a pair of rhinestone-adorned gold flat sandals from Aldo (available for $50 online).

Though it’s not unheard of for actresses to opt for flat shoes on the step-and-repeat (who can forget the controversial Cannes #Flatgate debacle in 2015?), it’s still unusual. And the Israeli actress has been wearing flat footwear consistently in the last week while promoting her upcoming superhero film.

On Tuesday, the actress arrived for Good Morning America

‘Wonder Woman’: Gal Gadot Brings New Trailer to MTV Movie & TV Awards

Wonder Woman is less than one month away, but there’s still plenty of time to build anticipation for the DC superhero’s first solo big-screen adventure.

Gal Gadot brought a new trailer to Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, leaving little doubt that the film’s action will be worthy of a warrior princes.

The trailer comes as Wonder Woman is nearing the finish line a nearly year-long publicity blitz that began with the first trailer from San Diego Comic-Con.

Wonder Woman stars Gadot at the DC heroe, with Patty…