Giant squid

7 Real Life Organisms That Seem to be Born From Nightmares

The world is a scary place, but sometimes the things we are scared of during the day are hardly the most terrifying things out there. These real life creatures remind us that there are far scarier things out there than sharks, spiders and bears.

1. Asian Giant Hornet

“Giant” and “hornet” are two words very few people want to see next to one another -and with good reason. The Asian giant hornet is exactly what you would expect from the name -a giant hornet that lives in Asia. Don’t console yourself by thinking that maybe their size is a tradeoff that makes them less dangerous either. These giant hornets are just as aggressive as the regular ones we’ve all seen and their venom is even more potent. In fact, 30 to 40 people die each year in Japan due to stings from these wasps.

You may be thinking, “well at least they’re in Asia so I’m safe here in my North American or Western European home,” but while that might be true for the time being, the insects have been spotted in the US, France and England already and their numbers are likely to go up, not down in these countries.

2. Human Botfly

Warning: This video is not for the squeamish -in fact, it’s not for 90% of people, it’s just nightmarish.

Visually the botfly is just another fly and gross, but not all that terrible. But when you consider that the human botlfy larvae feeds on human flesh, it’s easy to see why this insect is absolutely a thing of nightmares. The bug will lay its eggs on mosquitoes and ticks that then deposit the eggs on human skin when the blood-sucker goes in for a bite to eat. The eggs then manage to get under the skin of humans through the hole left behind by the parasite they were attached to and then the larvae will live there for six to eight weeks before bursting through the skin as a full-grown adult. It’s enough to make you want to bathe in bug repellant.

3. Colossal Squid

Image via Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Even if you don’t find squids creepy, which many people do, it’s absolutely horrifying that something this big could be hiding under the ocean and still remain such a mystery to us surface dwellers. Despite the fact that Colossal squids can grow to 46 feet long and 1650 pounds, a full-sized specimen was never recovered until 1981. Up until that point, the only proof that colossal squids existed was through the collection of random parts of the squid such as tentacles and beaks found washed up on shore or in the belly of sperm whales.

Image via Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Colossal squids aren’t even the longest squid out there, though they are the heaviest. That honor goes to the giant squid, which have been long talked about in myths and fishermen’s tales, but also remain largely unseen and are still largely a mystery to scientists. The colossal squid are creepier than their giant cousins though…