6 Affordable Home Remodel Tips for Pet Owners

A pet can bring unbridled joy and unconditional love to your life. However, they can also leave stray hair, furniture damage, and other messes behind. Here’s how you can keep your home beautiful even when you have a four-legged fur-baby shedding all over everything. (See also: 5 Pet Costs You Don’t See Coming)

1. Opt for hard flooring

Install floors that can stand up to scratches and dirt. Hard flooring like vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and tile offer easy maintenance and pet cleanup, along with a great value over time. Ceramic tile is also great because it’s particularly resistant to animal stains.

2. Choose the right carpet

Carpeting can be very difficult to clean, particularly with accidents and excessive hair. It can also harbor stains and make your pet allergies worse.

If you do decide on carpeting, look for a synthetic blend option with low pile that won’t absorb as much hair and is easier to…

Flax Seed: The Superfood For Glowing Hair And Healthy Skin (And Other Benefits!)

Want an easy and delicious way to boost your daily nutritional intake? Look no further than flax seeds, your new go-to miracle food. These stellar seeds are severely misunderstood as they are considered to be bland and dry. They are loaded with nutrients and have incredible binding properties which is a must-have for vegan baking. With the correct preparation, you will start to realize that they are a pantry essential.

It’s so versatile, you can wear flax as well as eat it!

Flax seed was originally cultivated in the Middle East around the era of 2000 B.C.1 Through the effects of foreign trade and demand, flax production has dispersed throughout the globe, with Canada being it’s leading producer; followed by Russia, France, and Argentina.

Because flax seed was recognized for its abundance of fiber early on, it has always been used for both culinary and textile purposes. The flax seed market has been steadily increasing in recent years due to its long over-due recognition for its nourishing properties, as well as it’s textile durability.

Flax seed is little in size but it contains many nutrients!

Just 1 ounce of flax seeds (equal to 3 tablespoons) will provide you with:

• Omega-3

• Fiber 8g

• Protein 6g

• Vitamin B1 31% RDA

• Mangenese 35% RDA

Don’t be fooled by their teeny tiny size, these little suckers pack quite a beneficial punch. In addition to the nutrients listed, flax seeds are also abundant in phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, copper and zinc. To ensure that you are getting enough flax, add at least 2 tablespoons to your daily routine!

Flax offers way more than just fiber!

If you are familiar with flax seed, then you may already know that it’s packed with fiber which is vital for regulating cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar levels. But what else do these helpful little seeds have to offer?2

Healthy Skin and Hair

Flax seeds contain ALA fats which benefit the skin and hair by providing essential fats and B vitamins which reduces flakiness and dryness which can lead to dandruff. It can also help to decrease the appearance of acne, rosacea and eczema. Flax has also been found to reduce dry eyes.

High in Anti-Oxidants

The antioxidants found in flax seeds are known as Lignans. These are fiber-related polyphenols that provide…

Shine Line Hair Is The Newest Trend Going Viral On Instagram

We’ve had quite a few hair trends in the past year – holographic hair, glow-in-the-dark hair, hidden rainbow hair – to name a few. Yet another new hair trend is on its way and it’s kind of like the new and improved rainbow hair trend! Say hello to shine line hair.

Actually, the hashtag #shineline isn’t all that new, it started way back in 2014 and has now reemerged. The main idea of the trend is that, instead of blending dyes to create an ombre rainbow effect, the…

Men Are Hiding Baldness With Man Buns, But It’s Riskier Than You Think

Welsh football star Gareth Bale, a winger for Real Madrid, made headlines (pun intended) during Euro 2016 when a bald spot briefly peaked out through his signature bun. A source close to him stated that he’d been using the man bun for ‘a while’ to conceal his growing problem. This led to several other men trying it out for themselves, with the results sometimes giving the illusion that they hadn’t lost any hair at all.

Like most things, however, a man bun has to be done correctly, and the consequences can be dire otherwise. Pulling hair into a tight bun causes heavy traction on…

11 Life Hacks All Lazy Girls Definitely Do

lazy girl life hacks
lazy girl life hacks

Every lazy girl knows a few tips and tricks to look her best and arrive on time with as little effort as possible. To give you an idea, here are a few lazy girl life hacks you can try to simplify your life:

Dry Shampoo / Baby Powder / Cornflour

Maybe your shampoo ran out without you noticing or maybe you’re just plain lazy that day. Don’t worry! Dry shampoo can get you through another day of skipping the tedious hair-washing routine.

Here’s a great video that teaches you how to make DIY dry shampoo AND how to apply it to your hair.

A little bit of baby powder or cornflour can go a long way– well, I mean a little. Blonde haired girls don’t have to worry too much about overdosing on powders. Brunettes, however, need to be light-handed with the powder and only apply enough to absorb excess moisture.

Air Out Your Dirty Laundry

Haven’t had time to wash your favorite outfit that you’re dying to wear? No problem! Hang them out in the breeze to refresh your clothing and it’ll feel like they’ve just been through the wash.

For added freshness, spray the garment with your favorite deodorant and iron it out to combat any smells and creases. After that, you’re good to go.

If you know that you will have to hit the gym in the same pair of leggings twice in one week without a chance to give them a good wash between wears, make sure you take them out of your gym bag as soon as you get home and air them out straight away. This will help to dry the sweat and they’ll gain second-wear status.

Blow Dry Your Hair After a Gym Session

You washed your hair in the morning and decided to hit the gym. After your workout, you now feel sweaty and gross. Since your hair has just been washed, you can just get rid of the smell and sweat by applying dry shampoo.

Keep in mind that you can’t apply dry shampoo or powder to your hair while it’s still wet. So, pull out your hair dryer and dry up the sweat before applying dry shampoo and your hair will look as good as it did in the morning.

Knot Your Hair in a Bun


Do You Know Tea Tree Oil is Very Useful For Acne and Hair?

You’ve probably heard of the powerful anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil especially when it comes to our skin. Also known as melaleuca oil, tea tree oil is made from the leaves of the plant Melaleuca alternifolia commonly found in Australia.

Many medical studies have found tea tree oil to kill bacteria, fungi and strains of viruses making it a favourite remedy for decades. These days, tea tree oil has become even more popular with it being an ingredient in face and hair products, massage oils and even detergents.

So, how can we really benefit from this amazing, natural remedy?

The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Don’t just take people’s word for the amazing power of tea tree oil. Many scientific studies 1 have been conducted in order to prove just how beneficial this oil is.

Its exceptional healing properties mean it can have several different uses.

Tea Tree Oil For Acne

This oil can help heal many forms of skin conditions including acne, rashes, eczema, and fungal infections but acne is the most common association with tea tree oil. This is because it contains strong antibacterial and antifungal compounds which penetrates the skin and unblocks sebaceous glands. This has led to studies that have found tea tree oil to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide 2 but without the harshness.

On top of that, it can help against scarring which is a common side effect from continuous acne on the face and body.

Tea tree oil is known for soothing dry scalp and for getting rid of unsightly dandruff 3. It also helps unclog hair follicles and nourishes the roots of the hair which helps your hair to grow more strong and healthy.

For those with kids who are prone to getting head lice, tea tree oil has even been found to kill lice as well as reducing the number of eggs that hatch making it a more natural way to tackle this common problem 4.

Tea Tree Oil For Cuts And Infections

Because tea tree oil is anti-bacterial, it makes an amazing natural way to clean any cuts and tackle any infections found in wounds.

It can also deal with fungal infection such as toenail fungus, ringworm and athlete’s foot as it’s so effective…

This 7-Year-Old Girl Didn’t Let Alopecia Stop Her From Dazzling Everyone At School On Crazy Hair Day

This 7-year-old had lost all her hair due to alopecia – but that didn’t stop her from dazzling everyone at school on crazy hair day!

Gianessa Wride from Utah was diagnosed with the condition earlier this year. “There is no cure or medication she can take,” her mom, Daniella, wrote. “They can do pill steroids, but once she stops taking them the hair falls out again.” So, on crazy hair day, Gianessa’s mom came up with a unique solution so she wouldn’t miss out on the fun – she put dazzling stickers on Gianessa’s head….

The 5 Best Deep Conditioners

Your hair takes a beating all day. It has to withstand chemical processing, heated styling tools, and the harsh weather elements, along with pollution. Fortunately, deep conditioners can restore health and beauty to your hair in minutes.

A good deep conditioner can instantly condition the hair cuticles, combat split ends, restore strength, and replenish moisture, so your hair is better able to withstand daily stressors. With regular use, deep conditioner can leave your hair healthier, shinier, and completely renewed. (See also: The 5 Best Conditioners)

What Is a Deep Conditioner?

A deep conditioner (or hair mask) is a hair care item that can nourish and strengthen hair. It typically contains more fatty acids and lipids than traditional conditioners, which can help restore moisture to the hair and help protect it going forward.

Dry, damaged hair is no match for the best deep conditioners. While deep conditioner can work for all hair types, it is particularly beneficial for dry hair. In most cases, it’s best to use a deep conditioner at least once per week to reset your hair.

Top 5 Deep Conditioners

Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Deep Recovery Hair Mask

You won’t find a more highly recommended deep conditioner than the Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Deep Recovery Hair Mask. The drugstore favorite will fight dryness to leave your hair shiny, moisturized, soft, and smooth. Some reviewers found that this left their hair feeling like silk.

The salon-approved deep conditioner has a whipped texture and won’t weigh hair down. It is enhanced by various oils and butters, including three naturally derived extracts (olive, meadowfoam seed, and sweet almond), which penetrate each layer of the hair strand to help moisturize, condition, detangle, and improve shine. The concentrated weekly restorative treatment puts life back into the hair and can make the ends feel like you just got a fresh haircut. The intensive moisture treatment works quickly to revive even the most dehydrated hair strands, leaving your hair hydrated and stronger after each use.

This has a nice fruity scent and works on all hair types, but is especially beneficial for dry, damaged, frizzy, over-processed, and color-treated hair. Only a little is needed at…

Twin Sisters Who Were Ashamed Of Their Afro Hair, Now Became Famous For It

Meet identical twins Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder – the girls that make heads turn when they walk the streets.

A while ago, the girls hated their hair: “I was beginning to actually hate my hair and seeing it as a huge obstacle,” Cipriana said. But as time passed, they decided to stop straightening it, and start embracing it. Which eventually led the girl to be recognized as the queens of natural hair, bringing Instagram envy all around the world.

But the sisters aren’t just pretty faces… Along with their friend Nikisha Brunson, they’re also the girls behind the natural hair blog “Urban Bush Babes”. “I think it came to a point where it was derogatory toward people who wore their hair natural, and there was a certain stigma around people who wore their hair natural or in an afro,” TK Wonder said. “It was about breaking down stereotypes and derogatory perceptions that people had about natural hair.” Now, whatever the girls do, they…