Owner Surprised After Taking Her Cat To A Groomer

Meet Jin Jin, the Persian kitty who recently became the victim of one of the most epic hairdresser mishaps ever. As is quite typical with long-haired cats, Jin Jin’s owner Xie Qian Qian makes sure the cat gets shaved every once in a while. This is supposed to keep the cat cool and bring less hair to the house. Jin Jin would always return from the hairdresser with an adorable lion-style cut, with the fur on his head and tail being mostly untouched. Not this time, though…

A few months ago, when Jin Jin was supposed to have an appointment with a hairdresser, his owner was too busy to take the kitty there and asked her friend to drop him off. When she arrived to pick him up, the woman was completely taken aback – Jin Jin’s…

Hairstylist Pays Tribute to Exhausted Nurse Who Fell Asleep in Chair

Doctors often get all the credit for their labors in the medical field – but one compassionate hairstylist wanted to pay homage to the hardworking nurse who fell asleep in her chair.

Kentucky hairdresser Ashley Boiling was styling the hair of one of her salon’s regular customers, a 43-year-old nurse named Jodi Back. In the middle of Jodi’s appointment, the exhaustion from working a 13-hour night shift at Whitesburg ARH Hospital caught up to her, and she dozed off in her seat with her feet propped up in front of her.

Touched by the image of such a hard worker, the 34-year-old snapped a picture of her client’s sneakers and later made a Facebook post commemorating Jodi’s diligence.

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Ashley wrote: “As she dozed off, I…