Drone Finds Lost Hikers And Dog In Colorado

After hiking the Devil’s Head trail in Colorado for several hours, two men and their dog found themselves lost after mistakenly leaving the trail.

Luckily they were able to dial 911 with limited cell service.

drone finds missing hikers
Douglas County Search and Rescue Team

Instead of an all night search with volunteers, the Douglas County Search and Rescue Team used a drone to locate the missing hikers and were able to make contact with the hikers in just a few hours.

“50 years ago basically everything was done by a group lined up in a…

5 Affordable Countries Every Outdoor Explorer Can Afford to Visit

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Exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful way to spend a vacation, yet it’s not always cheap. Many countries have expensive national park fees, camp fees, and general high cost of travel.

Check out these inexpensive destinations for your next outdoor adventure.

1. Canada

Canada is an incredible destination for nature lovers. With a population of 35 million people spread over a vast 3.85 million square miles spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and north to the Arctic Ocean, opportunities for outdoor recreation in untouched wilderness areas abound.

Plus, as a part of the country’s celebration of its 150th birthday, this year you can take advantage of the fact that all national parks in Canada are free with the 2017 Discovery Pass. With more than 40 national parks throughout the country, there is plenty of outdoor exploration to be done in expansive forests, tundra, and mountainous regions.

Canada’s well-known highlights such as Vancouver Island, Banff National Park, and the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort are well worth a visit. But you should also consider some lesser-known gems, like going on a polar bear and narwhal safari in the far northern province of Nunavut.

Highlights in the east of the country include Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands, where you can take in spectacular coastal views and may even glimpse minke or pilot whales breaking offshore. In the winter months, you can ski in Quebec, north of Montreal.

Head to the Great Lakes region for an epic canoe or kayak trip in the warmer months. Some of the diverse wildlife you could see along the way may include moose, bears, and loons, just to name a few.

As an added budget bonus, the U.S. dollar currently trades around 40 percent better than it did five years ago, so Americans can save some serious money on a trip to our great northern neighbor.

2. Kyrgyzstan

Between its rugged mountain ranges, extensive pasture lands, and high-altitude lakes, this rural country has no shortage of outdoor activities. Seminomadic peoples still live in the mountains here, with yurts dotting many mountainsides.

Landing in Bishkek, the country’s capital, you can head to Issyk-Kul, the world’s second largest alpine lake, which is located at the foot of the Tian Shan Mountains. The area is a great base for an outdoors-oriented vacation, with swimming, hiking, camping, and trekking all available.

Other trekking destinations include Lake Song Kol and Lenin Peak on the border with Tajikistan. For those who aren’t interested in walking the whole way, horse treks in Kyrgyzstan are a fun way to get around.

Kyrgyzstan is an affordable destination overall. We calculate the cost of traveling there at $63 per day for two people sharing accommodations. Plus, you won’t have to…

A French valley with forests so lush it was nicknamed “the Small Amazonia of the Pyrenees.”

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A small waterfall in the Gourgue d’Asque
Trees in the Gourgue d’Asque Edouard (Atlas Obscura User)
Arros River in the Gourgue d’Asque Hervé Delesalle/CC BY SA 3.0
A bridge over the Arros River Adrianstork/CC BY SA 4.0
Leaning trees in the Gourgue d’Asque Edouard (Atlas Obscura User)
Trees hanging over the Arros River Gérald ARFEUIL/Public Domain (Public Domain)
Moss covered trees in Gourgue d’Asque Edouard (Atlas Obscura User)

With giant centipedes scurrying around and rocks and trees covered with moss and lichens, visitors to the Gourgue d’Asque might think they have wandered out of Europe and into a rainforest somewhere south of the equator. They are still in France, though, down near the Spanish border.

Just south of its namesake commune, the gorge…

Drones Aid In Search For Lost Grand Canyon Hikers

Hobby drones are banned in most national parks. But Grand Canyon National Park made use of the unmanned areal surveillance tools in a search last week for Lou Ann Merrell, wife of the founder of the Merrell hiking boot company, and her step grandson, The Associated Press reports.

Merrell and 14-year-old Jackson Standefer were hiking with family members April 19 when they lost their footing crossing a tributary of the Colorado River and were swept into the current.

Searchers found a backpack and camera with photos of the two, but have not found the hikers.

Jackson Standefer at the Grand Canyon.

As part of the search effort, rangers made use of the park’s park’s five drones and four certified operators. The teen’s family also flew in specialists with a “Sky Ranger military-grade drone equipped with extra capabilities” to help with the search, according to a statement.

The search has been scaled back, and the families said in a statement they support the decision but are still “praying for a miracle.”

Lou Anne Merrell, also…

Buntzen Lake Powerhouses

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Buntzen Powerhouse 2 McKay Savage/CC BY SA 2.0
Buntzen Powerhouse 2 Matthews, James Skitt, Major (1878-1970)/Public Domain
Original Buntzen Powerhouse 1 Matthews, James Skitt, Major (1878-1970)/Public Domain (Public Domain)

The area around Indian Arm in British Columbia is a great place to go for a hike; the many trails are accessible by foot, by mountain bike, and by horse. But beware around the Buntzen powerhouses on area’s eastern shore: There were some serious creepy…