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Dairy Queen is Giving Away Free Ice Cream Cones on Monday

Though some parts of the country are still clearing out from last week’s snowstorms, spring is officially here—a little bit early, but not a moment too soon. And if the idea of soon-to-be-blooming flowers isn’t enough to get you excited about winter’s end, Dairy Queen is marking the occasion with a sweet deal: March 20 is Free Cone Day!

Participating stores—which Money notes “includes most locations outside of the company’s stores in mall complexes”—are giving…

It’s Official: Ben & Jerry’s Bourbon Ice Cream Is Coming to Stores

Since rumors of a new bourbon Ben & Jerry’s flavor started swirling earlier this month, ice cream fanatics have been left wondering when and if such a glorious concoction might be made available. Well, they don’t have to wonder any longer: As TIME reports, Ben & Jerry’s has officially confirmed Urban Bourbon as part of their lineup with a release date set for mid-February.

The product…

Are Ben & Jerry’s Making To Sell a New Bourbon-Flavored Ice Cream?

Is there any better pairing than Ben & Jerry’s and alcohol? Nearly two years after the beloved ice cream company announced a partnership with New Belgium to make ice cream-themed beer, they’ve returned with another boozy surprise: bourbon-flavored ice cream.

While it’s not exactly official yet, there are some convincing rumors swirling that a flavor called Urban Bourbon will be hitting the shelves soon. Candy Hunting has already released an image of the supposed packaging, and we’re certainly clutching our spoons in anticipation. The new flavor is said to feature…