In Antarctica, a Mysterious Igloo Slowly Appears

If you’re a slow TV buff, the webcam for Casey Station, one of Australia’s three Antarctic research bases, makes for reasonably compelling viewing. Wind blows, and trucks make tracks in the snow. Ant-sized scientists scurry in and out of the various doors. Someone occasionally switches out the name on the black and orange Happy Birthday sign.

Over the last week in April, though, the webcam’s fans were treated to an unusual and thrillingly progress-related activity. “The emails started to come into Australia’s Antarctic Division,” Business Insider Australia writes. Far to the right side of the frame, someone was building—was that an igloo?

It was. According to BI, two staff members from the base, electrician Adam Roberts and communications technician Clint Chilcott, had been discussing building an igloo for a long time. Last week, they decided to give it a go.

An Inuit family poses for a photo while building an igloo...