In vitro fertilisation

Infertile Couples Might Finally Be Able to Have Kids Thanks to 100-Year-old Technique

Prospective parents longing for kids of their own may no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on IVF treatments, thanks to this 100-year technique for inducing pregnancies.

This new study tested the effects of an old medical treatment for increasing women’s fertility. The treatment, which involves flushing the fallopian tubes with an iodized poppy seed oil, actually revealed surprisingly positive results.

The experiment was conducted across 27 medical centers in the Netherlands and Australia with 1,119 infertile women. Half of the women were given water-based solutions to use on their systems, while the other half was given the oil-based solution. Scientists found that 40% of women who underwent the oil-based procedure became pregnant within the first six months of treatment, as opposed to only 29% in the water-based group.

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“It was long believed that testing a woman’s fallopian…

Woman Carries Twins For Sister Who Had 9 Miscarriages

Melissa Kayser wanted to be a mom more than anything.

But after nine miscarriages, failed fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization, the 33-year-old Omaha, Nebraska, resident didn’t think motherhood was in the cards.

“I was devastated because you think as women we are literally born to do one thing and that’s to reproduce and when you can’t do that one thing you feel like a failure,” Kayser told

Doctors suggested a surrogate might be the best option, but Kayser said she didn’t know if she “could emotionally handle another woman being able to carry my child.”

But her feelings changed when that other woman turned out to be her older sister, Lisa Auten, 35.

Auten offered to be the surrogate in a semi-serious way.

“It actually started as a joke. And it just kind of snowballed from there,” Auten told Omaha station KETV.

Kayser elaborated with a laugh: “She tries to…