Beyonce & JAY-Z ‘Happy &Relieved’ New Twins FinallyReleased From Hospital


We’re so excited for Beyonce and JAY-Z, as has EXCLUSIVELY learned they finally took their twins home on Tuesday evening, June 20. Get all the details here!

Beyonce is happy and relieved she finally left the hospital with her new twins late Tuesday after a week in the hospital. JAY-Z is also doing well and happy as their doctors approved the release of the newborns after receiving extra care post-delivery. They are now all healthy and doing well,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

This is amazing news, considering the twins were born premature. As TMZ previously reported, the twins were put “under the lights” in order to “normalize,” following their June 12 birth, which…

A Surgeon’s Secret

Dr. Mary Austin of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, performs surgery on babies still in the womb, in order to correct a birth defect before birth. The surgery is delicate, as the patient is unbelievably tiny and the organs and nerves can be like tissue paper.

The birth defect is called spina bifida. Untreated, it can cause a range of disabilities, from incontinence to learning difficulties to an inability to walk. But the surgery carries some risks, too; it can send the mothers into premature labor, months before their due dates — and there’s no guarantee it will prevent physical disabilities in the baby.

Austin, a pediatric surgeon, helps counsel couples…

Blue Ivy Helping Name HerBaby Twin Siblings: She LovesBeing A Big Sister

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter
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Blue Ivy is the ultimate big sis. She’s only had siblings for about a week, but she’s already taking on some huge responsibilities with Beyonce and JAY-Z’s baby twins – like helping to name them!

Beyonce, 35, and JAY-Z, 47, finally welcomed their two new bundles of joy into the world in early June, but they’re not the only people who are thrilled! 5-year-old Blue Ivy Carter doesn’t mind losing her “only child” status. As a matter of fact, she’s LOVING her new position as Alpha Kid! She’s even helping her famous parents come up with names for the little ones. So sweet! See pics…

An Elephant Helps A Panicked Mother Rescue Her Baby That Fell Into A Pool

Dramatic footage from a security camera at Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, shows how protective elephants are of their young.

elephants rescue baby fell into water video

When a calf loses its footing and falls into a pool, the mother elephant appears to panic – but another adult rushes over from the other side of the enclosure.

As the baby drifts towards the middle of the deep water, the pair of adults seemed to communicate silently and decided…

Beyonce & Jay Z Hope ToBring Their New Twins HomeSoon: ‘They Look Just LikeTheir Father’

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Like father like son…and daughter! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how Jay Z’s newborn twins with wife Beyonce already resemble the rapper, and the couple can’t wait to finally bring them home.

Any new parents can’t wait to bring their baby home from the hospital to the comfort of their own nursery. Unfortunately for Beyonce, 35, and Jay Z, 47, mother and their newborn twins — a boy and a girl — are still at UCLA Medical Center a week after she gave birth on June 12. “Beyonce is eager to get her new babies home. She has been stuck inside the hospital for a week now and Jay has been by her side daily as they follow all of the doctor’s conservative orders to ensure the newborns are healthy and strong before going home,” a source close to Jay tells EXCLUSIVELY. Having twins always causes a higher risk of complications for both…

This 10-Year-Old Is Creating A Device To Prevent Infants From Dying In Hot Cars

After Bishop Curry heard his neighbor’s 6-month-old infant died from being in an overheated car, he decided to create a life-saving device to prevent incidents like this from reoccurring ― as any responsible 10-year-old would.

“It kind of came in my head,” Bishop told HuffPost of his device, the Oasis.

Bishop Curry will begin sixth grade in the fall.

The Oasis would respond to rising temperatures by emitting cool air and use an antenna to signal parents…

Dad with Cleft Palate Adopts Baby Just Like Him

Brian Pierce felt an instant connection with a particular baby in China when he saw her adoption photo.

“We opened her profile and saw that beautiful face looking back at us. We wanted to scoop her up right then and hold her, but she was on the other side of the world,” says Brian.

Even just looking at a photo, there was never a doubt that this little girl was the perfect match. She was born with a cleft lip and palate, just like Brian.

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He vowed to make her life better, like his parents did for him. So once the baby, whom they named Hattie, became a little older he brought her in to Children’s Healthcare…

Baby Born on Indian Airline Given A Lifetime Of Free Travel

A baby has been given free airfare for life on Jet Airways after being born on one of their planes.

The sky’s the limit for a baby boy born on an Indian airline over the weekend, earning him free plane tickets for life.

Jet Airways announced the generous birthday present after its future jet-setter was delivered on one of their flights from Saudi Arabia to India on Sunday, CNN reported.

The baby boy’s mother was reportedly flying to the southwest Indian city of Kochi when she went into labor prematurely.

The flight was diverted to Mumbai where the mother and baby were transferred to a hospital. There, they are said to be doing well, the airline told the BBC…

Why Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep Through The Night

Babies wake up during the night because they are hungry/wet/lonely, and because it’s natural for them to awaken. Buzzfeed talked to Darcia F. Narvaez, professor of psychology at Notre Dame University, and other experts about a human baby’s natural sleeping and waking cycle, and found out a lot of interesting things.

Human babies are born earlier in their development than other animals – they need close contact or an “external womb”.

“Human babies are born 9 to 18 months early compared to other animals,” says Narvaez. “Other animals are…

Number Of Multiracial, Multiethnic Babies Has Tripled In 35 Years: Report

Mongkol Chuewong via Getty Images

There’s been an increase in multiracial babies born in the U.S. in recent years, a new report states.

New analysis from Pew Research indicates that the number of multiracial or multiethnic infants has tripled since 1980, making up 14 percent of infants born in 2015. The growth coincides with the rise of interracial marriages, which has more than doubled in that time as well.

Pew’s data shows that 42 percent of multiracial and multiethnic babies are born from one white parent and one hispanic parent, the most common mix. Babies from one Asian and one white parent make up 14 percent, with infants born from one black and one white parent making up 10 percent.

Sharon Chang, author of “Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children In a Post-Racial World,” told HuffPost that data about mixed race children is significant as it highlights the diversity of experiences in the United States beyond just single-race background.

“We have to notice…