8 Recipes That’ll Clean Out the Fridge

“Mom, there’s nothing to eat!”

Ah, the cry of the hungry child. But there is plenty of food in the fridge, even if it looks like a collection of mismatched ingredients. Maybe instead of hitting the grocery store, you need to get into frugal mode and whip up something delicious and easy with those leftovers. Handy items to have around that can bring any assortment of ingredients together are whole-wheat tortillas, spring roll (rice paper) wrappers, biscuits, panko (Japanese breadcrumbs), and eggs. Here are eight easy meals that’ll clean out the fridge. (See also: 10 Cheap and Easy Meals That Make Even Better Leftovers)

1. Fried rice patties

Got fried rice? Make crispy fritters. Stir an egg or two (start with one, and see if that is enough to bind the rice). Add some chopped onion, a tablespoon or two of panko breadcrumbs, and a little garlic. Heat up some oil, add the patties, and fry on each side until crispy. This will be delicious with a fried egg on top or some peanut sauce.

2. Fried chicken salad

Lucky you, if you have fried chicken leftovers. Dice the chicken up, toss…

Do You Know Cinnamon Is A Powerful Spice That Offers Amazing Health Benefits?

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) has been one of the most commonly used ingredient in fragrances, medicine and cooking for ages. It was even used as currency at one point in history. Its rich and warm smell lights up even the coldest of winters, and its slightly spicy taste enhances the flavor of any dish it is added to.

Being a great source of dietary fiber, iron and calcium, cinnamon is truly beneficial to human health, hence it has become extremely popular spice in the healthy dieting circles. Native to Shri Lanka, cinnamon comes from the bark of a tropical evergreen tree, and can be found in rolled sticks, or ground, in powdered form.

There are two types of cinnamon available. The most commonly found is the darker colored, and more bittersweet tasting, cassia type, whereas the Ceylon type is more lighter in color and has a sweeter taste. Some of the most commonly known health benefits of cinnamon include its antioxidant function and the potential to lower blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes.

Cinnamon nutrition profile

1 tbsp of ground cinnamon contains

  • 19 calories
  • 4 grams of fiber
  • 68% manganese
  • 8% calcium
  • 4% iron

With 0 g of sugar or fat, and 3% of vitamin K per 1 tbsp, cinnamon is an excellent ingredient to add to your daily diet due to its positive effect on digestion, immunity, blood sugar levels and heart health. 1

Cinnamon health benefits

Antioxidant ability of cinnamon was analyzed in a 1999 study 2 where the results showed increased antioxidant enzyme activities in rats that were fed a high fat diet along with cinnamon or cardamom. Cinnamon is rich in polyphenols, phenolic acid, and flavonoids antioxidants that help the body fight the free radicals and decrease the oxidative stress in the body that leads to aging and diseases. 3

2. Cinnamon produces anti-inflammatory effects

Active antioxidants in cinnamon produce great anti-inflammatory effects that protect the body from developing serious diseases due to inflammation. 4 5

3. Cinnamon may help preserve heart health

Cinnamon could potentially improve heart health since it proved to be effective in the improvement of important factors of good cardiovascular health – cholesterol levels and triglycerides. In a 2003 study 6, type 2 diabetes patients who consumed 1, 3, or 6 g of cinnamon per…

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