Bow Wow Gets Caught Lying On Social Media, And Now People Are Mocking Him With The #BowWowChallenge

Things like filters, framing and photoshop can make your life look way more glamorous on Instagram than it is in reality. If you don’t get caught, that is…

Recently, rapper Bow Wow posted a picture on Instagram, implying that he was flying on a private jet. Everything was ok until a Snapchat user spotted him on his flight… A regular commercial flight. He snapped a pic of the rapper as proof and it started a hilarious challenge on social media – #BowWowChallenge. The challenge has taken over Twitter with tons of people posting side-by-side pics that reveal how fabulous Instagram can make your life look and how it really looks. Keep on scrolling to check out the pics, submit your own, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

Recently, rapper Bow Wow posted a picture on Instagram, implying that he was flying on a private jet


Everything was ok until a Snapchat user spotted him on his flight……

Facebook’s plan worked: Snapchat hits 166 million users, 34 million fewer than Instagram Stories

Today Snap revealed that it now has 166 million daily users, 34 million fewer than Facebook’s Snapchat clone, Instagram Stories.

Let’s recap how this happened: Facebook launched Instagram Stories in August 2016, a completely transparent effort to rip off the formula that made Snapchat a success (and slow down Snapchat’s growth in the process). Facebook’s attempts to copy Snapchat usually fail — Poke, Slingshot, etc. — but Instagram Stories took off.

Investors were sweating over Snap’s growth last month, after Facebook said Instagram Stories…

Tiffany & Co. Has A Powerful Message For Donald Trump

Within the next few days, President Trump may make a decision about whether or not to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a 2015 climate deal brokered between 195 nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. But before Trump comes to a conclusion, Tiffany & Co has an important message for him.

The jewelry company blasted out a statement for Trump on Tuesday, by way of its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as an ad in the New York Times.

“Dear President Trump, we’re still in for bold climate action,” the message reads. “Please keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement. The disaster of climate change is too real, and the threat to our planet and to our children is too great.”

The message has over 19,000 likes on Facebook and 69,000 likes on Instagram. The reaction to the statement has been mostly positive:

“Well done Tiffany & Co. Speaking up for the benefit of the world,” one commenter wrote on the company’s Facebook post. “I think many customers world…

Instagram Tricks For Artists To Achieve A Successful Career

instagram for artists
instagram for artists

For any artist to succeed in this highly competitive world, he needs to pay as much attention to promoting his art as its generation. Today, art is accessible to everyone. Because it is so common and accessible, you need to maintain and promote the quality of your work both online and offline if you want to gain an edge.

Instagram is quite a great platform for artists as it fundamentally concentrates on sharing images, paintings, and art masterpieces. It enables artists to demonstrate their painting process and even to sell their unique paintings along the way.

As per Vogue, artists sell their paintings on a regular basis today thanks to their Instagram feed. The platform allows incredible and somewhat unprecedented accessibility to all its users across the world.

If you want to take the same path, here are some secret tips for artists to gain Instagram success.

Make It A Fascinating And Interesting Experience

You must always make it a point to share those photos that are relevant and appropriate to your image as a capable artist. Instagram is an effective way to showcase your creativity, the things that inspire or motivate you, and even the events that are happening in your life.

You must understand that Instagram is definitely not just about your art. It can also be about your daily way of life and your…

Desktop Users Can Now Upload To Instagram Without The App – Here’s How

Can We Pop The Silicon Valley Bubble?

A recent update to Instagram’s website has just enabled a feature which users of iPads and desktop PCs everywhere have been crying out for since the start. You can now upload images directly from a browser without the need to use the Instagram app and it’s trivially easy for Chrome users.

You can now upload photos to Instagram using Chrome
You can now upload photos to Instagram using Chrome

Paul Monckton

You can now upload photos to Instagram using Chrome

Now if you want to upload images directly from a PC, a Mac or even a Chromebook, you can do so without having to first transfer the pictures to your phone. It’s also great news for iPad users who, until now, have had to use an ill-fitting iPhone version of the app to access the service from their devices.

Recently added support for photo uploads from mobile browsers makes Instagram accessible to more users worldwide by removing the reliance on expensive mobile devices and app downloads where mobile data may not be cheaply available.

However, there are still several features missing from the mobile browser-based interface, such as live video, stories and the ability to apply filters, all of which are highly popular Instagram features.

Furthermore, Instagram isn’t fully embracing the idea of uploading from the desktop just yet, as it’s only the mobile version of the website which currently supports image uploading. Using Instagram from a normal desktop browser won’t provide any image upload capability unless you do a little trick first.

If you want to upload from a desktop browser, you’ll have to manually select…

Kanye West Deletes His Instagram and Twitter Pages After Launching Kids Apparel Line

Drew Angerer, Getty Images
Drew Angerer, Getty Images

Kanye West is no longer messing with social media. The mercurial rapper-producer abruptly deleted his Twitter and Instagram account for no apparent reason.

Complex reports that fans noticed that his @kanywest handles on social media has mysteriously disappeared on Friday (May 5), which is the same day he launched his kids clothing line with his wife, Kim Kardashian. More on that later.

This isn’t the first time Yeezy has 86’d his Twitter and Instagram pages. He usually restores them if he has to promote something like an…

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Expecting First Child

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder‘s family is expanding — the couple is expecting their first child!

The actors announced in matching Instagram posts on Thursday that Reed is pregnant.

“Hi Little One. I know you, but only because I feel you. How is it possible to love someone so much already?” the Twilight star captioned a photo of Somerhalder kissing her baby bump as she gazed down and smiled.

“All I know for sure is it’s the strongest feeling I’ve ever felt. We’ve been sharing this body for quite some time, and we’ve already experienced so much together,” she wrote.

She concluded the post, “We can’t wait to meet you… Love, your parents.”

The Vampire Diaries actor also shared the pregnancy photo on Instagram, and penned a heartfelt note explaining why they kept the exciting news under wraps.

“To our friends, family, and rest of the world. In my 38 years on this earth I’ve never experienced anything more powerful…

Ryanair Pilot Shares Photos Of Her High-Flying Life On Instagram

It’s not all that surprising that so many pilots are trying their hands at photography these days, because when you spend your days looking at the world from up high you see lots of amazing sights most people don’t get to see.

But RyanAir pilot Michelle Gooris is getting attention on Instagram because the photos she posts to her account DutchPilotGirl make the life of a commercial pilot seem like a high-flying affair.

The 25-year-old…

How to Report a Post on Instagram

Instagram has pretty clear terms of service: no harassment, nudity, violence, copyright violation, hate speech, and so on. If it’s something that’s too offensive, Instagram doesn’t want it on their service.

Obviously they can’t police every post, so Instagram relies on users to report any posts that violate their guidelines. If a post gets reported, it gets reviewed by Instagram’s community review team. If they agree that it’s inappropriate, the post will be removed and the account might get banned especially after repeated infringements.

First, find the post that you’ve got an issue with. I’m just using this post as an example. Click the three little dots…

Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner and A-Rod Reign Supreme on Instagram with Most Liked Met Gala Posts

Monday’s 2017 Met Gala produced some of the best dressed celebrity attendees and most talked about moments, but how did Instagram react to the fashion prom?

Everyone (specifically 6.5 million users) was “liking” Selena Gomez‘s red carpet debut with her boyfriend, The Weeknd, according to visual marketing platform Dash Hudson. Gomez, who boasts 119 million followers, scored the most liked post and beat out the roughly 550 people who were invited to the stylish celebration of Commes des Garçons founder and designer Rei Kawakubo.

The couple documented their big night out on the social media app, but it was the songstress who reached over 35.7 million unique accounts with her black and white photo of the pair holding hands as…