Finally, a Way to Avoid Jet Lag: The Jet Lag Calculator

You’ve just landed. After a nearly eight hour flight, you’re exhausted, and ready for bed. You were wise enough to steal some sleep on the flight. Perhaps, you may even have pre-planned a caffeine binge, to get you through the first day of activities relatively unscathed.

But, even with all of your counter measures, when it comes to the time to sleep, you find yourself tossing and turning, finding yourself even more exhausted than when you just arrived, you ponder what could have gone wrong…

Jet-lag is a physiological condition related to our body’s rhythm.

Jet-lag, medically referred to as desynchronosis, is a physiological condition which results from alterations in the body’s circadian rhythm, which results from rapid long distance trans-meridian flights.

In laymen’s terms, this is your body’s natural reaction to a change in time-zones. As our bodies adjust to the new pattern of light and dark exposure, we become restless and having difficulty achieving R.E.M (the deepest and most imperative level of) sleep. It can take days for us to completely adjust, while our body does its best to synchronize with our new environment.

Despite this adjustment taking its course naturally – depending on the individual- it can take up to a week or more to…

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lag fix is incoming

Your experience in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may improve soon.

Bluehole announced today in a post on Twitter that the studio is making some adjustments to its servers in an effort to reduce the lag that a significant number of Battlegrounds players are encountering during matches. Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer shooter where 100 people jump onto an island and try to kill each other until only one player is left. But the game’s lag has made Battlegrounds much tougher than it should be to aim, open up menus, and pick up items. Bluehole is dedicated to addressing the situation even though Battlegrounds is in the Early Access portal on Steam for unfinished games where players expect disruptive problems.

But while a server-side update should improve the situation, Bluehole is also warning players that issues will likely continue at least until next month.

We’re making some changes to the servers to try to resolve part of the lag you are experiencing. However, this will not fully fix the issue.