Give Dad a DIY Leather Catch-All Coin and Key Holder

Looking for a last minute gift to WOW your dad for Father’s Day? Make this leather catch-all-valet! He’ll never loose his keys or the contents of his pockets, and it only takes about 10 minutes to make!

To start, I gathered some sturdy, but not too thick leather, and some 1″ long bolts with matching nuts.

I then cut the leather into a square. I recommend not going any smaller than 7 square inches. The two I made are 8 square inches and 10 square inches, and I am very happy with these sizes.

10 Makers You Don’t Want to Miss at North Little Rock Mini Maker Faire

We are always amazed at the new and inspiring makers we encounter in Arkansas. In 2015, around 70 makers attended the inaugural North Little Rock Mini Maker Faire. That number grew to over 85 last year, and we are excited to meet the new makers attending this year that we have not seen yet.

Here is our list of the ten new makers to seek out at next weekend’s Third Annual North Little Rock Mini Maker Faire.

O’Faolain Leather

Growing up listening to The Phantom of the Opera with his mother, Bryant Phelan became obsessed with leather masquerade masks. At age 12, he made his own masks from leather scraps, before later expanding into fashioning leather bags and accessories. He then launched the O’Faolain brand at 24. We cannot wait to check out his creative leather cuff bracelets, purses, backpacks, corsets, and more!

Adrian Quintanar Ceramics

“As an artist, I strive to create pottery that will be treasured and used in our daily rituals,” says Adrian Quintanar. He will have plenty of that functional pottery available, including coffee mugs, pitchers, bowls and vases, all of which are hand-crafted in Little Rock.


Robotics AND 3D printing! Nicholas Seward, who teaches computer science to gifted students in Arkansas, will demonstrate RepRap HELIOS, a robotic arm, 3D printer that can print nearly all of its own parts. The HELIOS fits in a 10-inch cube, but can print 3D objects up to 24 inches wide.

Rock City Thumps

Why settle for mass-produced Bluetooth speakers that look like everyone else’s, when you can have speakers that are more “you?” Jon Hatton can make almost anything into a Bluetooth boom box – from…

Stamping the Moon’s Craters onto a Leather Notebook Cover

If you are looking for something to hold your small writing pad, there are plenty of options available. However, you will not find many that feature celestial objects, and even fewer that feature the actual moon itself. In fact, judging by Devin Montgomery’s post on Imgur, it would seem that his notebook (one that features actual map features of the moon), may be a one of a kind design.

When asked why he would use the surface of the moon as the inspiration for the cover of his book, Montgomery, the head of a custom leather fabrication shop called Fabnik, said, “I’ve always loved space and have been listening to a lot of science fiction lately. The surface of the moon seemed like it would be hard to do, but neat if it worked.”

Montgomery first checked Astropedia to find an image of his favorite moon landscape (he really loves space), a crater called Tycho. After getting this raw data, he then imported the image into Inkscape to convert everything into vectors. He said that creating the texture for the stamp was the most difficult part of the build, as it was hard to accurately portray craters (normally seen in grayscale) on stamped leather.

Montgomery decided on black vegetable-tanned…