Minimum wage

Here’s What the Minimum Wage Really Adds Up to in Your State

Is the minimum wage in your state enough to cover the cost of living?

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It’s true. Here’s a chart from based on the numbers from MIT’s Living Wage Calculator:

Yes, the folks at Wage Advocates have a clear agenda. They spend almost all of their time protecting and defending wage-earners. One would expect them to have an opinion on the matter.

For those who aren’t as into charts, in 2016, these were the 21 states that still used the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 per hour. That ends up being about $15k a year before taxes. The number alongside each state is what wage workers actually need to make in order to afford its cost of living:

  • Alabama: $10.17
  • Georgia: $10.69
  • Idaho: $9.59
  • Indiana: $9.74
  • Iowa: $9.93
  • Kansas: $9.83
  • Kentucky: $9.71
  • Louisiana: $10.47
  • Mississippi: $9.95
  • New Hampshire: $11.43
  • North Carolina: $10.53
  • North Dakota: $9.79
  • Oklahoma:…

How many tables restaurant servers have to wait on to earn minimum wage

In most states, there is minimum wage and there is tipping minimum wage. For those who earn the latter, most of their income comes from tips. This is fine in nicer restaurants where tips can be substantial, but in places that depend on high turnover and low prices, restaurant servers need to work more tables per hour…