Courteney Cox Opens Up About Motherhood, Miscarriages And Wanting Another Child

Cox opened up about motherhood and more in an interview with New Beauty.

Courteney Cox has a lot of thoughts on raising kids today.

The 53-year-old actress and her ex-husband David Arquette have a 13-year-old named Coco. In an interview with New Beauty, Cox opened up about motherhood, miscarriages and wanting to have another kid.

In the interview, Cox said Coco likes to experiment with makeup in her spare time, though she can only wear mascara at school.

“I know some people think I should rein her in with the makeup, but it’s a form of self-expression. As long as she’s not sexualizing herself, it’s really just what makes her feel good,” she said, adding she admittedly sometimes has concerns about the length of her daughter’s shorts. “But…

These ‘Rainbow Dad’ Shirts Bring Men Into The Conversation About Hope After Loss

When a woman suffers a miscarriage or infant loss, she usually has access to support groups, products and other resources to help her cope with the grief. But the same can’t always be said for her partner.

In honor of Father’s Day, she created a T-shirt to acknowledge a dad’s loss and celebrate the piece of joy many parents find in the aftermath ― a rainbow baby.

Bryn Huntpalmer designed a shirt for “rainbow dads.”

A rainbow baby is a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. Huntpalmer’s shirt features a rainbow and the words “rainbow dad.”

“As the host of a birth stories podcast, I hear stories of loss regularly, but I also know that in the mainstream world of all things baby, pregnancy and infant loss aren’t as widely discussed,” Huntpalmer told HuffPost.

“One question I always ask my guests is, ‘What types of resources were most helpful to you during your journey?’” she explained. “They always tell me about how helpful the pregnancy loss community was to them, whether it was a Facebook group, a local support group or a hashtag on Instagram; they want to feel like they aren’t alone. And while there are so many ways for moms to find support, dads are often left out.”

“While there are so many ways for moms to find support, dads are often left out,” Huntpalmer said.

Huntpalmer has two kids, ages 3 and 5, and recently suffered a miscarriage. She said she first got to know the pregnancy and infant loss community when her best friend lost her baby at 34 weeks pregnant.

“I found that it was always the moms that were finding ways to share their child with the world, whether through wearing a necklace with the baby’s footprints or wearing a “rainbow mama” shirt, but there’s not a lot out their for men,” she said.

Huntpalmer thought having a…

Woman Births Twins as Surrogate for Sister Who Had 9 Miscarriages

Melissa Kayser was heartbroken when she was forced to realize that she couldn’t give birth – but luckily, her compassionate older sister volunteered to be her surrogate and bear her child.

The 33-year-old had endured nine miscarriages over the course of three years in her efforts to have children. After undergoing failed fertility treatments, doctors told her to find a surrogate.

That’s when Melissa’s 35-year-old sister Lisa Auten volunteered.

“I couldn’t stand watching Melissa go through…

Woman Carries Twins For Her Sister, Who Had 9 Miscarriages

After nine miscarriages a woman felt her dream of becoming a mother slipping away – until her sister renewed her hope by offering to carry her children for her.

good news

33-year-old Melissa Kayser says she was devastated by the losses she suffered trying to have children over the past three years.

Doctors suggested she try to grow her family with the help of a surrogate. Her sister, Lisa Auten, offered to help her.

“I couldn’t stand watching Melissa go through loss after loss,” Lisa told Inside Edition. “She hurt so badly and she just wanted a child so bad. If I could help give her a family, then…

Woman Carries Twins For Sister Who Had 9 Miscarriages

Melissa Kayser wanted to be a mom more than anything.

But after nine miscarriages, failed fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization, the 33-year-old Omaha, Nebraska, resident didn’t think motherhood was in the cards.

“I was devastated because you think as women we are literally born to do one thing and that’s to reproduce and when you can’t do that one thing you feel like a failure,” Kayser told InsideEdition.com.

Doctors suggested a surrogate might be the best option, but Kayser said she didn’t know if she “could emotionally handle another woman being able to carry my child.”

But her feelings changed when that other woman turned out to be her older sister, Lisa Auten, 35.

Auten offered to be the surrogate in a semi-serious way.

“It actually started as a joke. And it just kind of snowballed from there,” Auten told Omaha station KETV.

Kayser elaborated with a laugh: “She tries to…