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The First Thing You Should Say When Calling 911 on a Mobile Phone

In the frenzy of a real emergency, it can be hard to think straight. Yes, it’s important to give your name and explain the situation when you call 911, but there’s some things you should tell them first if you’re calling from a mobile phone, just in case.

When you dial 911 with a cell phone, the call gets picked up by a nearby emergency services call center known as a public safety answering point (PSAP). They get your information then dispatch emergency personnel to your location. But sometimes things don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

For one, J.D. Biersdorfer at The New York Times explains that because mobile phones are not associated with…

Here’s What Really Happens If You Don’t Turn Off Your Cell Phone On A Plane

Passengers get really annoyed every time a flight attendant tells them to turn off their phones and devices while the plane is taking off or landing, but they begrudgingly comply.

Some angry phone addicts will even argue they read an article online that said they don’t really need to turn their phones off…

How Robots Can Help You Be a Better Pet Owner

Feel like your pet parenting skills need improving? Technology’s got you covered. Here are seven ways that robots are making it easier to love, feed, and monitor your furry friends.


Let’s face it: No matter how much you love your kitty, dealing with their litter box isn’t always fun. But if you forget to change it, your cat’s bound to be offended—or even worse, punish you by “going” somewhere else. Luckily for both you and your feline, one technologically advanced pet care product company has created a robotic, self-cleaning litter box.

A weight-sensitive sensor detects when your cat is hopping in and out of the box. Once your kitty’s made its final exit and the litter’s done clumping, the smart litter box sifts the waste from the litter and deposits it into an odor-controlling base compartment. (A flashing light will alert you when it’s finally full.) The best part? As a pet owner, all you’re required to do is empty the waste compartment every seven to 10 days (or more frequently if you have more than one cat) and refill it with litter.


The only thing animals love more than belly rubs and snuggles is food—and if you forget to give them their kibbles, you can say sayonara to both. But thanks to a variety of WiFi-controlled food-dispensing robots now available on the market , there’s no reason for you to forget to feed your pet ever again. The robotic feeders hold several pounds of food and distribute it on a regular schedule, allowing you to adjust feeding times and portion sizes accordingly. Some feeders even feature HD cameras, microphones, and speakers so you can keep ultra-close tabs on your pet’s eating habits.


Walking your dog is a great way to squeeze exercise into your daily routine and bond with your canine pal. But if you’re sick, busy, or preoccupied, it’s hard to find…