What To Do When You Get a Ton of Mosquito Bites

My dad likes to tell a story of a beach vacation my family went on when I was about five years old. We lived in North Carolina and had gotten up super early to drive to the coast, which was about four hours away. As the story goes, my exhausted father looked over at me at some point and thought “Wow, she’s started to get really hairy legs for a 5-year-old.” When he took a closer look; however, he realized that rather than hair, my legs were actually covered from top to bottom with mosquitos.

We made a brisk exodus from the beach, my brother and I threw up in the car on the way home, and we never went on another family beach vacation again.

Mosquito bites are one of those things you get used to where I lived, and I did. Every summer trip outdoors typically ended in at least a few bites, although I’ve never had an experience like my pre-K trip to the beach again. My mom always tried to have a bottle of Cortizone in the medicine cabinet ( and I can’t say enough good things about an oatmeal bath when things get dicey), but sometimes it wouldn’t be enough to battle the problem (or…

50 years ago, U.S. fell short on mosquito eradication

Aedes aegypti larvae
WAR ON BUGS Attempts 50 years ago to conquer disease-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (larvae shown) in the United States failed, largely due to dwindling resources and America’s resistance to pesticides in a post–Silent Spring world. Today, researchers are devising new battle plans to attack the pests from the inside out.
Science News cover from May 20, 1967

Mosquitoes on the way out

By 1973, just nine years after the start of an antimosquito campaign, the Aedes aegypti will be eradicated from the…