How Megyn Kelly ‘Lost’ By Crushing Alex Jones…and He ‘Won’ by Losing


It is increasingly clear that we live a world turned upside-down. This is particularly obvious in the realm of the modern media where all the old rules have been dramatically upended while many in the business still haven’t fully come to that rather obvious realization.

In this environment, it should come as no surprise when actual outcomes have no real relationship to the way events transpire (like, for instance, our entire 2016 presidential election). This exactly what happened with regard to the televised showdown between NBC’s Megyn Kelly and nutty conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Before the segment aired, I was one of those who expressed concern that, based on a reading of the tea leaves (including a bizarre, all-too-friendly photo of them riding in a car together), the interview may not be as hard on Jones as he deserved. This anxiety was heightened when unaired video leaked of Kelly going super soft on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As it turned out, Kelly ended up doing a pretty good, though hardly perfect, job of exposing Jones as a terrible and dangerous person.

It seems clear that the segment got greatly strengthened after the controversy erupted (a scenario about which I specifically theorized), which probably saved Kelly from career-threatening embarrassment. My only significant criticism of the content of the piece which aired is that Kelly, seemingly because it might confuse her preferred narrative, completely neglected the recent revelation that Jones was forced to admit, in court, that he is really just a “performance artist.”

In short, Jones got totally exposed and utterly eviscerated. Even more importantly, President Trump was made to look completely ridiculous for overtly supporting Jones. In a rational world, both men would suffer severe consequences as the public learned the real truth about them.

But because we no longer live in that world, none of that will happen. In fact, the results of this episode, if any, will be the exact opposite of what they would have been even just ten years ago.

Jones lost this battle badly, but he won the war. His stature has been greatly elevated and, thanks to the controversy, his ability to claim to his cult-like following that he is so dangerous that the “mainstream” must conspire to destroy…

How NBC botched the Megyn Kelly rollout

Jones vs. Kelly: battle between new & old media

Megyn Kelly has long sought the role of America’s Top Interviewer. In 2015, she told Variety, “Barbara Walters has retired, Diane Sawyer left her anchor role. Oprah has moved to the OWN network and is doing a different thing now. So why not me?”

What the first month of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” has shown is that wanting to be Walters, Sawyer or Winfrey does not necessarily make it so. Establishing that reputation takes years. And in Kelly’s case, it requires a transformation from her former role as a cable news host in the center of the political fray into someone more trusted by the general public.

In less than a month since its debut, Kelly’s Sunday night NBC program has become the subject of national controversy due to her interview of fringe radio host Alex Jones, as critics on both the left and the right have accused her of journalistic malpractice.

Much of the blame for Kelly’s botched roll-out should be placed on NBC, television executives said in interviews with CNNMoney. The network that invested tens of millions of dollars in turning Kelly into the next Charlie Rose or Barbara Walters rushed her into an obviously controversial interview before taking the time required to make her a nationally trusted name.

“It’s malpractice,” one veteran television executive said. “Think of Megyn as a product. The product is not a cable news warrior, it’s a host in the tradition of Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters and Katie Couric. But what they’ve done is rush her on the air into controversial interviews, reinforcing a political brand.”

“They’ve made a fundamental mistake about Megyn which is they think she’s a super star,” the executive said. “What she is is a cable star, and that is a very different solar system.”

Kelly has yet to earn…

DC and NBC Release Unaired Adam West Episode of Powerless

Adam West, the star of the classic 1960s Batman television series, died June 10 at the age of 88 after a short battle with leukemia, but before his passing he completed voice and acting work that are slowly being released to his adoring public.

It was announced in March that he would appear as a guest on NBC’s Powerless, unreleased until now, the episode was called, “Win, Luthor, Draw,” — which can be watched above.

West previously narrated a commercial for Wayne Securities on the show, the company where the characters work, but he then returned to the series in a larger capacity in a character that will have to deliver some bad news to the cast.

In the show, some mayhem and destruction in Gotham City will force parent company Wayne Industries to make hard cuts for the future of the company. And that’s when chairman of Wayne Industries Dean West will come to town to deliver some bad news to their subsidiary in Charm City.

West became an icon by playing the Caped Crusader…

Alex Jones Releases Megyn Kelly Audio Online Ahead of NBC Broadcast

Getty Images Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones

Secretly taped audio of Jones’ pre-interview with Kelly was released Thursday ahead of the official interview airing Sunday.

Infowars host Alex Jones is taking new measures to set things straight about his interview with NBC News’ Megyn Kelly, set to air Sunday.

On Thursday night, Jones leaked audio of what he says was his private, pre-interview conversation with Kelly online to clarify what he referred to as “misrepresenting” him in the official interview.

“I’ve never done this in 22 years, I’ve never recorded another journalist,” Jones said in a video posted to Twitter, teasing the leak. “I’ve never done this, but I knew that it was a fraud, that it was a lie.”

In the audio, Kelly is heard saying, “This is not going to be a contentious, sort of ‘gotcha’ exchange.” Then in a preview of the televised footage, Jones is seen talking with Kelly about the…

Megyn Kelly dropped as host for Sandy Hook group’s gala over Alex Jones interview

Megyn Kelly attends the NBCUniversal Network 2017 Upfront at Radio City Music Hall in New York on May 15. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Megyn Kelly’s NBC interview with Infowars’s Alex Jones is not scheduled to air until Sunday, but it’s already caused intense controversy.

Jones, whom The Washington Post has described as a “conspiracy-spewing” radio host, has long dismissed a gunman’s shooting rampage that killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in 2012. The gunman, later identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza of Newtown, also killed his mother and himself.

Jones has called that massacre a government hoax. His critics say that by inviting him on “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” Kelly was legitimizing his views.

Some personally affected by the Sandy Hook shooting decried both Kelly and NBC. Now, several organizations appear to be following suit.

Kelly will no longer host the Promise Champions Gala, an annual event for the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, a nonprofit gun violence prevention group founded by family members of some of the Sandy Hook shooting victims, the organization announced late Tuesday. The event is scheduled to be held Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

“Sandy Hook Promise cannot support the decision by Megyn or NBC to give any form of voice or platform to Alex Jones and have asked Megyn Kelly to step down as our Promise Champion Gala host,” Nicole Hockley, co-founder and managing director of the organization, said…

NBC Has A Right To Book Alex Jones, But Does It Have A Good Enough Reason?

Infowars host Alex Jones declared victory Monday against the mainstream media and their “globalist” agenda, six days before his controversial interview with NBC is scheduled to air.

“I win by going into the Gorgon’s pit and I survive,” Jones said. “I survived going into that lair. And that’s what it’s all about.”

The Gorgon, in this case, is NBC host Megyn Kelly, who Jones also referred to Monday as a “fembot Dr. Evil.” The descriptions are on-brand for Infowars, where Jones warns daily on the internet of dark forces plotting against him and his liberty-loving audience. It’s where he’s also helped fuel conspiracy theories, like the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks being an “inside job,” and the slaughter of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School a hoax.

Such conspiracy mongering wouldn’t so dangerous if unhinged individuals weren’t threatening the parents of dead children, or if Infowars didn’t have influence in the White House. President Donald Trump, known for pushing conspiracy theories himself, has appeared on the show, and longtime outside adviser Roger Stone is regular guest and occasional fill-in host.

Kelly cited Trump’s fondness for Infowars as justification for booking Jones on her Sunday evening newsmagazine in response to criticism that has included complaints from families of Sandy Hook victims and calls on social media to boycott the network.

Networks have aired interviews with mass murderers like Charles Manson and brutal dictators like Syria’s Bashar Assad. So it’s tough to argue that the appearance of Jones on broadcast television should be taboo.

But in deciding to “shine a light” on Jones, NBC risks of giving a spotlight to a provocateur known for promoting misleading claims ― and providing him with a new audience.

A promotional clip released Sunday from the interview showed Kelly challenging Jones on Sandy Hook, and pointing out when he dodged a question about his views. Still, Jones is seen on…

NBC’s ‘Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly’ premiere with Putin pulls in 6.1 million viewers

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin in an exclusive interview taped for the premiere of her NBC news program, “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.” (nbcnews.com)

CBS’ “60 Minutes” edged out the heavily promoted premiere of NBC’s “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly” in the ratings.

But “Sunday Night,” led by the former Fox News star finished ahead of CBS in the audience group sought by advertisers, a strong showing for Kelly’s new program.

CBS led NBC in overall audience, with “60 Minutes” scoring 6.5 million viewers in the 7 p.m. hour, according to Nielsen data. But NBC’s “Sunday Night” finished ahead of “60 Minutes” in viewers age 25 to 54, the demographic used by advertisers who buy time on news programs. “Sunday Night” averaged a 1.2 rating in that group, topping a 0.9 for “60 Minutes.”

A rating point represents a percentage of the 25- to 54-year-olds in the U.S. TV audience.

Kelly’s program, which featured a sit-down interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was given a major promotional push by NBC leading up to the premiere. Clips of the interview, conducted last…

Phylicia Rashad unlikely to attend Bill Cosby trial on Monday

 Phylicia Rashad will not be making an appearance at Bill Cosby's trial on Monday.
Phylicia Rashad will not be making an appearance at Bill Cosby’s trial on Monday.

Don’t count on a Cosby show of support from Phylicia Rashad.

Rashad, who played opposite Bill Cosby on NBC’s “The Cosby Show” from 1984 to 1992, does not plan to be part of Monday’s courtroom drama when the disgraced comedian goes on trial in Philadelphia for sexual assault, according to a source close to the actress. Instead, she’ll opt for comedy.

Our insider says that Rashad will spend Monday afternoon in rehearsals for the Public Theater’s presentation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which opens July 11 in Central Park.

It was reported over the weekend that both Rashad, Cosby’s TV wife, and Camille Cosby, his real wife of 53 years, would attend Monday’s legal proceeding. It’s still possible that Rashad could make the…

The Cheapest Ways to Stream NHL Hockey (Even If You Don’t Have Cable)

If you’re like me, you watch hockey, and…basically no other sports. You also, like me, would like to skip the cable subscription. So what’s the cheapest way to watch NHL hockey online so you can cut the cord?

It depends. If you live outside the US or Canada, you can pretty much buy an NHL.tv account and watch everything for around $100 a year. Inside the US and Canada, however, broadcast rights make things complicated, meaning you’ll need to somehow get access to some combination of local, national, and out-of-market games.

Can you watch hockey without cable? Yes, but with all sorts of caveats. It depends which team you want to follow, where you live, and how many blackouts you’re willing to put up with. Here’s a quick cost breakdown for US residents:

  • If you follow your local team (that is, the team based in the city where you live), you can watch every game of the regular season and playoffs for $25 a month using cable replacement Sling TV, though you may need to spend $5 extra the first month of the playoffs for CNBC. Awesome!

  • If you follow an out-of-market team (that is, a team from a city other than where you live), you can watch most games of the regular season with a $130 annual NHL.tv account, and watch any nationally broadcast games with a $25 a month Sling TV account (again, you may need to spend $5 extra in the first month of the playoffs for CNBC access.) Also, because of the freaking NHL Network, out-of-market fans may need to spend $10 a month extra on Sling TV to watch every game of the regular season. You’ll have to decide whether that’s worthwhile to you, because it’s somewhat rare depending on which team you follow.

Confused yet? Read on as we break it all down for you, or skip to the very last section for the cheapest (and most complicated) option.

Watch Regionally Broadcast NHL Games in the USA with Sling TV

During the regular season, the vast majority of NHL games involving US teams are broadcast on Regional Sports Networks (RSNs). If you’re a fan of a team that’s local to where you live, you need access to your local sports channel. You can’t stream them on NHL.tv, because they are “blacked out”—those regional sports networks are given full rights to broadcast the game in an attempt to get you to pay for cable.

The two biggest RSNs are Fox Sports and Comcast/NBC Sports. If the word “Fox Sports” is in the name, or the NBC logo is used, your local sports channel is one of these. Mile High Hockey offers a great map of which channels cover which teams, if you’re not sure; it was made in 2013 but it’s still more-or-less accurate, give or take the Vegas Golden Knights.

So, which streaming services offer these regional networks? Here’s what we found:

  • Sling TV charges $25 a month for their Sling Blue package, which offers the Fox and NBC RSNs.
  • YouTube TV costs $35 a month, and offers the Fox Sports and NBC RSNs.
  • Playstation Vue charges $35 a month for their Core Slim plan which offers the Fox Sports and NBC RSNs (though some users have had problems.)
  • Hulu TV costs $40 a month, and offers the Fox Sports and NBC RSNs.
  • DirecTV Now charges $50 a month for their Just Right package, which includes Fox Sports and NBC RSNs.

As you can see, Sling’s Blue package is the cheapest way to get access to these regional sports broadcasts: $25 and you’ve got either the Comcast/NBC or Fox regional network.

If your local sports channel isn’t from Fox or Comcast/NBC, you’re basically out of luck from what we can tell. In Colorado, for example, the rights to the Avalanche belong to Altitude, a independent channel, and none of these services provide access to that channel. Coverage varies from service to service, so check out all of the services and see if your local sports network is offered. If not, sorry: you’re going to need cable to watch local games (or a VPN—which we’ll talk about in a bit).

Watch Out-of-Market NHL Games in the USA with NHL.tv

I don’t live in my old hometown anymore, but I still cheer for that NHL team. If you want to watch a team located elsewhere in the country, or in Canada for that matter, no regional sports network can give you access to most of the games you want to watch. For fans like us, there’s NHL.tv, the streaming service offered by the league itself. For $130 a year, you can watch every out-of-market game—this works out to around $16 a month for the eight months of the regular season.

An “out-of-market” game is any game that you couldn’t watch on cable even if you wanted to, because it’s not on nationally and no regional network local to you is airing it. Again, Mile High Sports has a pretty good map of the blackout areas if you’re interested.

NHL.tv is a particularly good deal if you are a fan of a Canadian team, or a small market American team that NBC generally ignores. Games involving these teams are rarely broadcast nationally in the United States, so fans can more or less watch every game of the regular season, free from blackouts. The only exceptions are when your team plays the team local to where you live, or NHL Network decides to ruin your day (more on them later.)

On the flip side, NHL.tv is a pretty bad deal if you’re a fan of a big-market American team. Over 25 Chicago Blackhawks games are broadcast nationally every year, meaning you won’t be able to watch those games on NHL.tv; you need access to national broadcasts in order to watch them. Check your team’s schedule and see how many games are broadcast nationally before buying this service: if you aren’t the kind of fan who…

‘Timeless’ lives: NBC renews time-travel saga for second season

From left, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan and Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston in a scene from
From left, Malcolm Barrett, Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer star in “Timeless.” (Joe Lederer / NBC)

Time has not run out on “Timeless” after all.

Earlier this week, NBC canceled the Sony Pictures Television-produced time-travel drama, which had wrapped up its 16-episode debut season. But an intense social media campaign by fans prompted NBC to reverse its decision and renew the series for a second season.

Network representatives did not specify when the show would return.

The family-friendly, action-adventure drama from…