How to Download Recordings from Your Netgear Arlo Cameras

Netgear’s Arlo camera system automatically records video whenever motion is detected, and you can view those video recordings in the Arlo app. But you can also download recordings directly to your phone so that you can share or view it however you’d like.

Netgear keeps Arlo camera recordings for up to seven days if you don’t pay for a subscription plan, which is usually more than enough time to watch them before they disappear. However, if you need to keep a recording for longer than that, you don’t necessarily need to pay for the upgraded plan—just download the video in question.

Open up the Arlo app on your phone and tap on the “Library” tab at the bottom.

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How to Position Your Netgear Arlo Cameras the Easy Way

When positioning most security cameras, it takes some time and a bit of trial and error to get them set up perfectly. However, Netgear has added some features that makes the setup process a lot easier for its Arlo cameras.

It’s not too difficult to get the perfect angle of a security camera; you have to take a guess and then look at the live video feed to see how good of a job you did. If you were off a bit, you would make some adjustments.

However, adjusting the motion sensitivity is probably the most painstaking process, since it can take a few tries to get it even remotely where you want it. With Netgear’s Arlo cameras, though, there are features in the app that makes installing and positioning cameras a lot easier.

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First, Find the Ideal Place to Mount Your Camera

Before we dive deep into the positioning features in the Arlo app, the camera itself needs to be mounted somewhere (obviously).

Only you can have the best judgement when it comes to finding the best place to put your Arlo camera, since every house is different. However, Netgear does offer some suggestions of their own, such as placing the camera up high and…

How to Set Up the Netgear Arlo Pro Camera System

If you like the idea of a security camera that’s completely wireless in every way, Netgear’s Arlo Pro system is one to consider. Here’s how to set it up and begin keeping tabs on your home while you’re away.

Wi-Fi cameras have their issues—at least when compared to wired cameras—but they certainly offer easier installation. One thing that separates the Arlo Pro from other Wi-Fi cameras is that it’s battery-powered, meaning you don’t need to plug it into an outlet to stream and record video. Most other Wi-Fi cams need to be connected to some kind of power source, even though they connect via Wi-Fi to transmit the data.

Arlo Pro also uses its own central hub (called the Base Station), to which all of your Arlo cameras connect. This is because the cameras use Z-Wave to communicate wirelessly, rather than Wi-Fi like most other consumer-based security cameras (such as the Nest Cam). Because of that, Arlo cameras need to connect to the Base Station, which in turn communicates with your home’s Wi-Fi network.

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Step One: Download and Set Up the Arlo App

Even though you have to use the Base Station, the setup process is pretty painless and only takes about 10 minutes. To start off, download the Arlo app to your smartphone. It’s a free app that’s available for iPhone and Android devices.

Next, open up the app and tap the “New to Arlo” button.

On the next screen, select which Arlo product you’re setting up. In this case, it’s the “Arlo Wire-Free.”

The app then tells you to install the Arlo Base Station hub. To do this, plug one end of the included Ethernet cable into the Base Station and the other end into a free Ethernet port on your router. Plug in the power cord, and then press the “On-Off button next to the power connector on the back of the hub.

Once you’ve got the Base Station set up, hit “Continue” in the app.

Wait for the hub to power up. The app automatically searches for the hub on your network.