How to Win The #MyOreoCreation Contest

Images courtesy of Oreo

Usually a new Oreo flavor would be the big Oreo news of the day, but not today, my friends. There is a new flavor, but there’s also a chance to see the novelty Oreo of your dreams become a reality, and win “$500K and VIP OREO access to upcoming releases and top-secret prototypes.”

We’ll talk about the contest in a minute, but first let’s talk about the new flavor. It’s called “Firework,” and there’s popping candy in it. You’ll like it if you like popping candy. You won’t like it if you don’t. Moving on.

Really, it makes a certain amount of sense that Oreo is crowd-sourcing cookie ideas. The whole Swedish Fish incident made it abundantly clear that they need some new inspiration, which is where we all come in.

I have tasted quite a few novelty Oreos in my time, and I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on what separates the good from the bad. Though I would like to keep all of this Oreo-specific wisdom to myself, my sense of duty prevents such. So, here you go. Here’s some cookie-creating advice from an experienced Oreo journalist.

  • Think about others: This is not about you. This is about winning. Pick something that will get the attention of and appeal to the most amount of people. I would love an Oreo with a juniper-flavored cookie and a Campari-flavored creme, but only like, 75 other people would also enjoy the brave new world…