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Add Python to your web programming arsenal with this complete learning package

web programming

Web pros are certain about one thing: Python is near the top of the list of essential programming skills, since it’s easy to learn and trusted by a host of big-name companies like Google, Facebook and Dropbox.

By picking up the Complete Python Programming Bundle, you’ll have access to an array of training material you’ll need to not only understand Python top to bottom, but also to get a job as a qualified Python practitioner.

The seven-course package is on sale right now at over 90 percent off its regular price, only $79 from TNW Deals.

If you’ve never tackled Python before, or if you just need a brush-up, this massive bundle of instruction will show you exactly why Python…

Learn what it takes to build a professional computer system for just $41

system administrator

No two computer systems are created equal. There are so many ways to go about assembling a functioning computer network that the possibilities are nearly infinite.

But knowing the building blocks of putting together and running a strong system is essential knowledge these days. So get the fundamental training you need with this System Administration and Infrastructure Management course bundle, which is on sale right now for only $41 (a 90 percent discount) from TNW Deals.

This package offers up eight courses featuring 95 hours of training, all tasked with breaking down and helping you understand Linux, Docker, Git, and a host of other foundational system technologies. That includes:

The Complete Guide to LPIC 1 Linux Administrator Exam…