6 Affordable Home Remodel Tips for Pet Owners

A pet can bring unbridled joy and unconditional love to your life. However, they can also leave stray hair, furniture damage, and other messes behind. Here’s how you can keep your home beautiful even when you have a four-legged fur-baby shedding all over everything. (See also: 5 Pet Costs You Don’t See Coming)

1. Opt for hard flooring

Install floors that can stand up to scratches and dirt. Hard flooring like vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and tile offer easy maintenance and pet cleanup, along with a great value over time. Ceramic tile is also great because it’s particularly resistant to animal stains.

2. Choose the right carpet

Carpeting can be very difficult to clean, particularly with accidents and excessive hair. It can also harbor stains and make your pet allergies worse.

If you do decide on carpeting, look for a synthetic blend option with low pile that won’t absorb as much hair and is easier to…

Power-Generating Paint Offers an Unlimited, Clean Fuel Source

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Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen fuel doesn’t affect the atmosphere. It’s actually the cleanest energy source of all, at least until nuclear fusion is possible. That could be decades or longer. With hydrogen fuel, the only byproduct is water. What’s cleaner than that? And the technology already exists to utilize it.

Until now, fossil fuels were needed to get at that hydrogen, and the water used within the system had to be distilled. No longer. Now, scientists have created a paint-like substance which can pull hydrogen right out of the air, giving us an unlimited and cheap source of clean energy.

The “solar paint” is made from a new synthetic called molybdenum-sulphide. In some ways, it has the same properties as silica gel. This is a chemical used to absorb moisture. It helps us to store food, and preserve and protect clothing and electronics.

You may have noticed a small, white, paper packet with some crystals in it along hidden in the packaging of say, a new pair of shoes or an electronic device. That little package contains beads of silica gel. It’s meant to keep the item dry thus preserving it. But unlike silica gel, molybdenum-sulphide is also a semi-conductor. It naturally captures water vapor from the air and splits it into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Researchers from RMIT University in Australia conducted the study, led by Dr. Torben Daeneke. The results were published in the journal ACS Nano. Hydrogen can be used in internal combustion engines or…

Solar Paint is Cheap, Revolutionary Future for Clean Energy

Researchers have developed a solar paint that can absorb water vapor and split it to generate hydrogen – the cleanest source of energy.

The paint contains a newly developed compound that acts like silica gel, which is used in sachets to absorb moisture and keep food, medicines and electronics fresh and dry.

But unlike silica gel, the new material, synthetic molybdenum-sulphide, also acts as a semi-conductor and catalyses the splitting of water atoms into hydrogen and oxygen.

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Lead researcher Dr. Torben Daeneke, from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, said: “We found that mixing the compound with titanium oxide particles leads to a sunlight-absorbing paint that produces hydrogen fuel…

Qbics Paint for Nintendo Switch will let you sculpt with the touchscreen

Image Credit: Abylight Studios

Abylight Studios wants to turn the Nintendo Switch into a sculpting studio with Qbics Paint, a 3D modeling and sculpting game that’s slated for release later this year.

Abylight has experience developing casual games with an educational spin, such as Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard, which turns the Nintendo 3DS handheld into a virtual keyboard along with video tutorials for beginners. Its Music On series for the Nintendo DSi involves more gameplay, incorporating Guitar Hero-style scrolling notes for players to match.

For Qbics…