Parable of the Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan Gives Shoes to Man Crawling on Scorching Street

This good Samaritan is a prime example of Biblical kindness.

David Lee Witherspoon Jr. was leaving his volunteer shift at a food pantry in Phoenix, Arizona when he was shocked to see a man crawling across the road on all fours.

The volunteer immediately stopped his car and walked over to the man to ask what was wrong.

The man explained that he had become homeless because of an argument that he had had at his last place of residence. Without having time to grab a pair of shoes, he had run out the door in only his socks.

With temperatures in Arizona climbing well into the hundreds, the city tarmac had become scorchingly hot, which…

Good Samaritans Hold On To Suicidal Man For 2 HOURS Until Help Arrives

Passing members of the public refused to let go of a suicidal man preparing to jump off of a bridge in Golders Green, North London.

crowd hangs on to suicidal man
Photo credit: Nigel Howard

The group of strangers immediately rushed to grab him through the bars so he wouldn’t be able to jump. The passersby aren’t believed to have known each other before the event.

As emergency services were called to the scene, the heroic members of the public remained with the man for two hours.

A spokesman for…

Watch Good Samaritans Rescue And Revive An Infant And Toddler From Texas Floodwaters

Tom Mitchell was out driving around when he came upon a terrifying scene Saturday: a pickup truck flipped over in a ditch full of rushing water near Myrtle Springs, Texas.

Inside was Phillip Ocheltree, his infant son Marshal, and his toddler daughter Addyson.

When Mitchell arrived, half a dozen people were working frantically to extricate the family from the vehicle, but the rushing water was so swift that they couldn’t even open the door.

Then one of the rescuers rushes from the vehicle carrying an unresponsive infant.