Paris Agreement

Regardless of Trump, US businesses are speeding toward a low-carbon world

While Trump’s administration grapples with its position on climate change, it’s worth stepping back to see the wider picture in the US, believes Lance Pierce, North America president of the CDP. In fact – he writes from New York – it is business that is really taking action on climate

It is vital for the US to lead on the Paris Agreement on climate change. This is, of course, the global commitment made in 2015 enabling the world to tackle rising CO2 emissions and prevent a catastrophic further two degrees warming of the planet. Global warming doesn’t just increase temperatures, it threatens food security, clean water, and people’s health. Some 145 countries, including the UK and the US, have sealed the deal. It is this agreement that is currently being scrutinised by the US government. Will President Trump pull out?

We need to accelerate our joint actions as people, organisations and nations to have maximum impact, and the Paris Agreement represents a meaningful shift towards a low carbon economy. That is, it provides a clear path to guide our emissions reductions together with the rest of the world.

Everyone is quickly learning that cutting carbon pays

Our country’s power is not all in the capital in Washington. In fact, it is spread right across our vast nation, spanning boardrooms, city and state borders. Governments are not working alone: companies, investors, citizens, cities, states and regions are thankfully awake to the urgent need for tackling climate change and are the major force behind the move to a low carbon world. This will continue regardless of the US federal government’s position, a crucial point to remember.

Climate change is an urgent concern and our investors at the CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, want to know how companies are dealing with environmental risk and working to build a green and fair economy. We see investors buying into those…

Tiffany & Co. Has A Powerful Message For Donald Trump

Within the next few days, President Trump may make a decision about whether or not to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a 2015 climate deal brokered between 195 nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. But before Trump comes to a conclusion, Tiffany & Co has an important message for him.

The jewelry company blasted out a statement for Trump on Tuesday, by way of its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as an ad in the New York Times.

“Dear President Trump, we’re still in for bold climate action,” the message reads. “Please keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement. The disaster of climate change is too real, and the threat to our planet and to our children is too great.”

The message has over 19,000 likes on Facebook and 69,000 likes on Instagram. The reaction to the statement has been mostly positive:

“Well done Tiffany & Co. Speaking up for the benefit of the world,” one commenter wrote on the company’s Facebook post. “I think many customers world…