Professor Who Defended Bill Maher Replaces Sen. Al Franken As ‘Real Time’ Guest

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Georgetown University sociology professor and author Michael Eric Dyson will replace Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) on Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” after a controversy surrounding a racial slur.

A spokesperson for Sen. Franken told HuffPost Monday that the senator would not attend, given the backlash over host Bill Maher’s use of “n****r” last Friday during his show.

Dyson, who is black, tweeted a defense of Maher over the weekend, writing in a statement, “Bill’s been a champion of many fights for black justice.”

But the professor also condemned the host’s use of the word. In the statement, Dyson wrote: “I’m emotional about this. I love Bill Maher. He’s a very dear friend. But as I’ve made plain through the years, the n word should be reserved for black use. Period.”

In an opinion piece about the controversy, The New York Times’ Wesley Morris posited that “[i]t would be fascinating to see [Maher] in the next episode, if there is one, surrounded by a cast of characters who have castigated him for Friday’s scandalette.”

It appears that suggestion ― or something like it ― is the plan. And at this point, a majority of Maher’s upcoming guests are sticking with “Real Time.”

“I will be participating,” former Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) stated in an email to HuffPost, responding directly to news, first reported here, that Franken had canceled his appearance on the show.

“Politics is the arena where hard issues are confronted, and as [Theodore Roosevelt] said, faces get a…

Two Reasons Why Trump Won Over This Philosophy Professor

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Americans are becoming increasingly polarized. This applies not only to our political ideologies, but to our opinions on those who disagree with us. We often think the worst of them without any reason to suspect it. They must be morons, mislead, or at least vicious people. We find no reason to suppose they might be decent, intelligent persons.

It is in the interest of attacking that conception that we introduce Professor Daniel Bonevac of the University of Texas at Austin. He works in that university’s philosophy department, and has written several books on logic, ethics, and metaphysics. He has become rather noteworthy for speaking out in his support of Donald Trump. Here, we show you his lines of thinking.

When asked why he spoke out, he mentioned the above stereotypes in an interview with Times Higher Education: “There was a narrative developing—especially on campuses, but in parts of the media, too—that Trump’s appeal was entirely with uneducated people, and that anyone with college education shouldn’t even think of supporting him.

Professor Daniel Bonevac teaching. (Photo by Callie Richmond/University of Texas at Austin)

He says that Trump won his vote for two reasons, the first was: “I think he correctly identified the dangers of a globalist attitude that threatened to overturn the interests of the United States.” The second being his opposition to the administrative state, Someone in the EPA suddenly wants to shut down the coal industry? No one voted for that. There…