This Father-Son Selfie Is Going Viral For The Sweetest Reason

A selfie of Robert Selby and his son, Chace Elijah Selby, would be adorable all on its own. But it’s not just mirror mugging that has people hitting “like” on a photo of the adorable pair.

Three-year-old Chace has a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), and as a result, he’s underweight and uses a feeding tube to eat. In a show of solidarity, his dad cut up one of Chace’s old feeding tubes and glued it to his own stomach, before snapping a photo of the two in the mirror and posting it to his Instagram account.

“I did it to show him that I support him and his condition, that he’s never in a fight alone,” Selby told HuffPost.

“My Mr. #stealyourheart #teamchace is sucking in…

Mayim Bialik on Costar Jim Parsons’ Wedding to Todd Spiewak: ‘Everyone Was So Present’

The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik gushed about her costar Jim Parsons’ wedding to longtime love Todd Spiewak in an Instagram post Monday.

“What a wedding. Not a cell phone in sight. Everyone was so present which sounds pretentious but it was truly powerful for us all to just want to be there fully. Todd and @therealjimparsons, you are so loved,” she wrote with her photo of the couple holding hands on their big day.

She also noted the ceremony’s chuppah, a canopy under which a Jewish couple stand during nuptials, was ” hands down, prettiest chupah ever. Seriously. #chupahlove #yourlove.”

Parsons’ rep confirmed to PEOPLE on Sunday that the…

Google Allo’s Selfie Stickers Are Cool, But Don’t Get Too Excited

Fans of Bitmoji: there’s a new caricature app that you’ll want to see. It’s more aesthetically pleasing and a breeze to use, but not so simple to share.

Google has a new feature in its latest update for Google Allo, an instant messaging mobile app released last September for Android and iOS users: selfie stickers—a custom caricature created by using a photo of any given user.

The technology behind this feature (currently only available for Android users) makes for a unique experience. Google is utilizing machine learning and neural networks “to analyze the pixels of an image and algorithmically determine attribute values by looking at pixel values to measure color, shape, or texture.” Essentially, the app creates a cartoon sticker, illustrated by storyboard artist Lamar Abrams, that actually resembles what you look like.

Something similar already exists

The general concept is an awful lot like Bitmoji—a personal emoji spin-off app created by Bitstrips in 2014. But Google’s selfie sticker has a leg up on Bitmoji when it comes to being user-friendly and streamlining the emoji creation process.

Bitmoji’s cartoon avatars rely on users selecting features for themselves. This is great for personalization, as everything from wardrobe and body type to eyebrows and headgear can be customized. But it also leaves it to the user to hand-pick what they think they look like. And let’s face it—we’re often not the best judges of our own appearance. If you’re going for accuracy, Bitmojis leave a lot to be desired.

With Google’s selfie sticker, the app does all the legwork behind emoji creation for you. So…

Apple just gave away all the iPhone camera’s secrets

Image: lili sams/mashable

Just because you know how to press your iPhone’s camera shutter and record button and snap the perf selfie doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of the incredibly capable camera.

To help iPhone users take better (maybe even “Shot on iPhone” worthy) photos, Apple’s launched a new website with a bunch of informative photography tips and tricks.

Some of these “how to shoot” tutorials may be obvious if you’re already familiar with all of the various modes within the iPhone’s camera app, but chances are you aren’t.

I can’t tell you how many people I know who don’t know how to use settings like High Dynamic Range (HDR), or the exposure slider, or how to snap photos while shooting a video. Also, when to use flash and when not to.

A little knowledge goes a long way to improving your photos. Here are a few tips that caught my eye:

How to shoot a…

Chris Pine explains he’s not Evans, Hemsworth or Pratt in SNL opening

For his first stint as Saturday Night Live host, Chris Pine used his time to set the record straight: he’s not Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt.

“As many of you know, I have a movie coming out this weekend. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy,” he said as the audience cheered, his trick paying off. “See, you see, I knew that was going to happen. I’m not in Guardians of the Galaxy. That is Chris Pratt. I am Chris Pine.”

Bringing out Leslie Jones, who’s “seen all of my movies,” he said, she wasted no time telling everyone Pine’s true identity. “You’re Captain America, Chris Evans … Hemsworth … Piiiiiine, okay, that’s good enough,” she said before snapping a selfie (which she really did, and posted to Twitter, below, with the caption, “Just met Thor!!”).

To help prove his point, the star of the upcoming Wonder Woman broke into song — calling back to his royal role in the 2014 Disney…

Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky Cuddle Up in Epic Bathroom Selfie at Met Gala


Kylie Jenner promised she’d get a selfie despite Anna Wintour’s “no-selfie rule” — and she did.

Last year, it was Behati Prinsloo who helmed the phone camera for the annual unofficial epic bathroom selfie. But this year, the 19-year-old selfie master and social media queen fittingly took the lead.

It’s quite a group she gathered, too: Her sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner — as well as Kendall’s rumored beau A$AP Rocky — along with Paris Jackson, Lily Aldridge, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Moonlight‘s Ashton Sanders all crowded into the shot.

Frank Ocean, Michelle Monaghan and Brie Larson also noticeably squeezed in.

Selfie-Takers Are Damaging California’s Super Bloom

Spring has arrived in Southern California, and dedicated selfie-snappers have taken note. For the past month, the typically barren deserts of the region have been animated with flowers and tourists traveling to see them. The vibrant flora makes for an epic Instagram backdrop, but California park rangers are begging guests to stick to the trails and resist trampling flowers for the sake of a photo op, Mashable reports.

California’s current super bloom follows a winter of drought-ending rainfall. Thousands have visited places like Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Walker Canyon, and the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to see the rare display, but for…