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The Importance Of Stand-Up Desks In Start-Ups

The Importance Of Stand-Up Desks In Start-Ups

A new revolution is slowly brewing in organizations in office working, regarding the health and fitness of their employees. Just imagine what havoc can sitting for eight to 10 hours at a stretch behind a computer can wreak on your health. This negative anomaly is now being set right.

Today, sitting on work desks is passé, the new trend is working from stand-up desks. If you are wondering what stand-up desks are, they are simply work desks that are raised suitably to enable you to work standing up.

Why stand-up desks?

The logic of working standing up is that it keeps you fit and healthy. The conventional way of working, sitting on the desk behind a computer the whole day, has been equated to a vice that the slogan ‘sitting is the new smoking’ describes quite succinctly.

The stand-up desks are not somebody’s figment of imagination, the trend has very much been implemented in big companies, such as Color Labs, Zoosk, Facebook, GroupMe and Venmo. These companies are known for using stand-up desks based on health research.

This trend is especially important for start-ups, since introducing it early in the organization sets the right trend and make employees get used to it. Stand-up desks assume importance as it conserves the health of the users and helps them keep fit.

Hi-tech standing desks

Ever heard of Aspirus or Stir Kinetic Desk? They are the hi-tech standing desks that are currently making waves in the corporate world as a healthy option for people who spend the whole day sitting behind desk.


Aspirus is one of the leading desk-cum-treadmill products that incorporates automation, data gathering and customization. It is not only a desk, but a contraption that can be placed on top of the work desk to turn it into a ‘smart standing workstation’.

Aspirus has got some outstanding features. Adjustable height with a touch of a button with a maximum height of 46 centimeters (18 inches), capable of mounting a monitor…

Laughs and winces as Tracy Morgan returns to stand-up with Netflix special ‘Staying Alive’

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive
Comedian Tracy Morgan, critically injured in a 2014 road accident, returns to the stage in the Netflix special “Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive.” (Cara Howe)

In June 2014, comedian Tracy Morgan, formerly of “Saturday Night Live” and lately late of “30 Rock,” was returning to New York from a show in Delaware when the minibus in which he was riding was struck from behind by a Wal-Mart truck. Fellow comic James “Jimmy Mack” McNair was killed; Morgan was hospitalized with broken bones and a brain injury. He was briefly in a coma.

Almost two years later, Morgan made his return to the stage with his Picking Up the Pieces tour; an October appearance in Red Bank, N.J., not far from where the accident happened, was filmed for Netflix, which has been investing in high-profile stand-up specials by comics including Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K., Amy Schumer, Maria Bamford and Jim Gaffigan. Morgan’s premieres Tuesday for streaming, under the title “Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive.”

The special begins with a filmed opening, with nods to “Saturday Night Fever,” as Morgan cruises Brooklyn with a Wal-Mart bag full of settlement money; he buys three slices of pizza instead of two, and he eats them piled one on top of another. A gag transports him into a John Travolta white suit and onto the stage of the theater, which is set with a table and armchair into which he occasionally collapses. One suspects this may be a matter of necessity, but mostly, he is on his feet and moving, encouragingly, and carrying an hour of material in his head.

There is a shape to it; with a few video projections and lighting cues, you could call it a theater…