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‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Director Wants You to Know Han Definitely Shot First

Well, there you have it: Chris Miller, the co-director of the new Han Solo-centered Star Wars spin-off, has thrown his answer in the ring regarding George Lucas’s controversial and oft-debated edits to the 1997 re-release of A New Hope:

Okay, okay: It’s probably just a pun to mark the first day of shooting on the spin-off film. But come on,…

10 Plot Holes in the Star Wars Franchise Movies

Back in 1977, no one knew if George Lucas’ space opera Star Wars would be a hit, or be remembered years later. Especially Lucas. Then he had to come up with a continuing story, which ended up being full of plot holes. Rabid Star Wars fans know this, and cannot stop talking about them. After seven movies in the saga, we get Rogue One, which was shoehorned into the time slot just before the first film (now called A New Hope) and patches up a big plot hole. There are plenty more where that one came from.

3. Leia’s Mother

Leia stated in Episode VI that her mother was “beautiful,” “kind,” and “sad,”…

Fans Want Princess Leia To Officially be A Disney Princess

Carrie Fisher, who died at the age of 60 on December 27, 2016, played an intergalactic ruler in the Star Wars franchise. Now, to honor the late actress’s legacy, fans want her to be made into Disney royalty. As TIME reports, a man named Cody Christensen launched a petition requesting for Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger to make Princess Leia an official Disney princess, joining the ranks of Snow White, Cinderella, and other heroines. (Reminder: Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, thereby adding Princess Leia and her Force-wielding sidekicks to the entertainment conglomerate’s roster of characters.)

Website interviewed Christensen, who points out that some people say Princess Leia can’t be made into…

11 Jedi-Worthy Gifts for Any Star Wars Fan

Star Wars fans certainly have it better than they did back in 1977, when Kenner sold an empty box containing gift certificates for action figures they had underestimated the demand for. Today, there are so many options for Jedi-related gifts that it can be overwhelming. We’ve curated some of the newest, best options in the galaxy.

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It can be hard to balance Star Wars fandom with design aesthetics: A lot of the mythology’s characters might look out of place in a sparsely-decorated room. The Museum of Modern Art’s 2.75-inch tall R2-D2 glue-free model kit keeps it basic, offering a steel-sheet finish for those who prefer a more subtle form of droid worship.

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We’ll spare you the Kessel Run jokes: Just know that Air Hogs’ Falcon is one of the few toys based on a space fantasy vehicle that can mimic its onscreen counterpart by taking flight—thanks to four motored fans and a wireless remote that controls its direction. If it happens to get shot down by an enemy craft (or a dog) don’t sweat it: The light, foam-like material is impact-resistant.

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Your giftee can terrorize Jedis with this 13-inch Stormtrooper that boasts a surprisingly robust personality for an emotionless foot soldier. The Imperial grunt will make noises when…