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Best Money Tips: Easy Ways to Save on Houshold Costs

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on easy ways to save on household costs, top ten habits to reduce stress, and essential water-safety tips for summer.

Top 5 Articles

11 Easy Ways to Save on Household Costs All Year — Let Mother Nature help you out whenever possible. Open curtains instead of turning on lamps, let the breeze in instead of turning on the AC, and collect rain to water your plants. [Everything Finance]

Stress Management: Top Ten Habits To Reduce Stress In Your Daily Life — One effective way to fight stress is by throwing yourself into a creative activity. [Pick The Brain]

11 Essential Water-Safety Tips for Summer — Know the signs of hypothermia — yes, even in summer! Your body temperature drops faster in the water than on land, so always check the water temperature before jumping in. [Cheapism]

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