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Disney Is Fulfilling One of Nikola Tesla’s Science Dreams

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You may not have known this, but The Walt Disney Company does much more than animated films and amusement parks. Its Disney Research arm, with divisions all over the world, has the mission to deliver all kinds of scientific and technological innovations. From video processing and robotics to behavioral sciences and materials research, Disney has it covered. Now, its researchers have brought us what we’ve all been waiting for (even without knowing it)—ubiquitous wireless power transfer or, in other words, electricity with no wires.

So, what is it going to take to have your phone charged without a power outlet and a charger? In layman’s terms, an apartment especially built for that purpose with a huge copper pole propped in the middle. In non-layman’s terms, the…

A First Look Inside Disney’s Avatar Theme Park

Walt Disney World Resort has transformed CGI into reality – it is opening Pandora, the magical world of Avatar, and we’re already planning to go there.

This newest massive expansion to Disney’s Animal Kingdom is scheduled to open its doors on May 27th. It will feature boat rides through a bioluminescent rainforest, walks under the floating mountains, and many other mysterious experiences. The journey through Pandora will culminate in an encounter with a Na’vi shaman who sends positive energy out into the forest through her music.

Bob Chapek, the chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts, claimed that the new attraction represents a leap forward for the entire Florida resort. “From the place-making…

Funko is Now Offering Disney Mystery Boxes

Funko, that massively successful collectibles clearinghouse—you’ve likely seen friends or family members lose their collective minds over their Pops! Vinyl figures—just announced a new addition to its lineup: Their Disney Treasures subscription box service is set to deliver exclusive, Mickey Mouse-approved items directly to your door.

Funko announced the partnership on their website on Monday, promising that an introductory box would have a Pirates Cove theme and come with a…

A Few Things You Didn’t Not Know About Disney’s Adventureland

Disney’s Adventureland has been overshadowed by flashier theme park areas like Toon Town or Tomorrowland, but back in the early days of Disneyland it was considered the most exotic and exciting part of the park.

Adventureland has it all- a boat cruise that takes visitors down the wildest rivers in the world, a Hawaiian-themed show where the birds all sing and the flowers croon, and a thrilling yet bumpy ride starring Indiana Jones.

But Adventureland was really different on paper-…

Fans Want Princess Leia To Officially be A Disney Princess

Carrie Fisher, who died at the age of 60 on December 27, 2016, played an intergalactic ruler in the Star Wars franchise. Now, to honor the late actress’s legacy, fans want her to be made into Disney royalty. As TIME reports, a man named Cody Christensen launched a petition requesting for Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger to make Princess Leia an official Disney princess, joining the ranks of Snow White, Cinderella, and other heroines. (Reminder: Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, thereby adding Princess Leia and her Force-wielding sidekicks to the entertainment conglomerate’s roster of characters.)

Website interviewed Christensen, who points out that some people say Princess Leia can’t be made into…

Watch Disney Animation’s Evolution

In just over two and a half minutes, editor Bora Barroso shows us Disney feature film animation, starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and ending with Zootopia (2016). It’s fun to watch the stylistic changes. To me, there are three major changes after the original cel animation starts mixing with computers:


10 Facts About the Movie ‘Fantasia’

In the late 1930s, Walt Disney had an idea for an experimental film that was unlike anything he or anyone else had ever done. With the dream of combining classical musical and animation into one grand “concert feature,” Disney worked on getting the rights to the story of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and then he started to build a team to help bring his unconventional film to life. Fantasia released in select theaters in 1940, and now over 75 years later, it is still regarded as his masterpiece and one of the most important and ambitious animated features of all time. Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about the film that revolutionized the animation industry.


The scope and soundstage of Fantasia were too grand for the standard theater setup of 1940, but instead of making a film that worked within the limitations of the technology, Disney and his team had to develop a way to upgrade theaters to match the concert experience of the film. According to A.P. Peck of Scientific American, a dozen or so theaters across the country had to upgrade their equipment to show Fantasia in what was called “Fantasound.” This involved installing more speakers around the room instead of the few that were typically placed behind the screen (the installation at the Broadway Theater in New York included 90 speakers), as well as new projectors and sound reproduction machines. The estimated cost for the upgrades was around $85,000 per theater, which is close to $1.5 million today when adjusted for inflation.


For its general release and past restorations, Fantasia was cut to reduce its running time, but at two hours and six minutes, the film is still the longest animated feature the studio has ever made. It would have been even longer, but a ninth segment, Claire de Lune, was nixed during production. The segment was later re-scored and included in the comedy musical Make Mine Music.


Transcendent sound was not the only idea that Disney had for his concert feature. Having assembled a classical music super squad helmed by Leopold Stokowski, Disney’s imagination was moving at full tilt. Technical suggestions that he contributed to the planning phase included ways to “stimulate the audience’s senses,” according to Disney historian Didier Ghez. Disney thought it would be a good idea to have fans blow perfume into the theater during The Nutcracker Suite, he wanted the smell of gunpowder to fill the room during The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and he and Stokowski both liked the idea of having a portion of the concert shown using 3D projection, which was limited to black-and-white imagery at the time.


Fantasia is regarded as one of the highest grossing films of all time (when adjusted for inflation) with over $83 million at the box office, but it did not open to huge numbers. Because of the special equipment needed to show the film, the theatrical release was very small, as were the sales. What helped the film was its longevity. Fantasia ran for 49 consecutive weeks in New York and nearly as long in Los Angeles, which set an all-time record back in 1941. It also returned to theaters several times over the course of…