17 Adorable Photos Of This Toddler Dressed As Famous Icons

A lot of little kids love to play dress-up, but 3-year-old Scout Larson takes it to the next level.

The Florida toddler dresses up as famous icons like Carrie Fisher, Frida Kahlo, David Bowie, and Malala Yousafzai and recreates some of their classic photos.

Scout’s mom, Ashley Jinks Larson, told HuffPost her daughter has always loved wearing different outfits and costumes and posing for photo shoots. She said the icons project started after her own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

“I started doing the photos mostly to keep our minds busy while we were all dealing with a tough time,” the mom said. “We shot mostly fierce women, because I wanted to replicate that strength in Scout. I wanted to have photos to show Scout that women are amazing and tough, just like her Nonnie (my mom). I’m happy to announce that my mom is cancer free now!”

Ashley posts Scout’s icon photos on an Instagram account she runs. To recreate the famous looks,…

Foreign Workers In Singapore Rescue A Toddler Dangling From The Balcony

A two-year-old girl woke up from a nap, walked through two doors to the balcony, and nearly fell from the second story apartment in Singapore.

Two foreign workers from India heard the toddler crying for help and immediately came to her rescue.

worker saves toddler balcony in singapore

The girl’s mother, Noreen Saniri, had left Auni asleep alone in a bedroom when she took her five-year-old daughter to a nearby kindergarten.

In the 15 minutes that Saniri was away, Auni, who will turn three in August, woke up. She then made her way through two doors to the balcony, carrying an iPad.

She is believed to have climbed up a table,…

This Toddler Had A ‘Golden Girls’-Themed Birthday Party

Jessica Lewis’ daughter Elisa has always loved “The Golden Girls” ― though as a toddler, she hardly understands anything that happens in the show.

“I would watch them every time I nursed her so I think the sounds of their voices and that iconic theme song comforted her,” Lewis told HuffPost. “In fact, the only way I could often calm her down would be singing the theme song for her or playing an episode from our DVR. Her favorite to listen to would be the episode where they sing ‘Mr Sandman.’ One time, she woke herself from a deep sleep to dance to the theme song.”

So when it came time to plan Elisa’s second birthday party, the mom had the perfect theme in mind.

Jessica Lewis’ daughter Elisa has always loved “The Golden Girls,” so naturally she made it her birthday theme.

The toddler’s “Golden Girls” birthday party took place last October at their home in Arizona.

Lewis tried to incorporate elements of the show in almost every part of the celebration ― from the invitations to the cheesecake desserts. The mom printed photos of the four ladies and even added Elisa’s picture and name to a banner with the opening credits.

“I had pictures of each Golden Girl with the food that would describe them,” Lewis said. “For instance, we had ‘Better than Mama Celeste’s Pizza’ for Sophia. I even found…

Watch Good Samaritans Rescue And Revive An Infant And Toddler From Texas Floodwaters

Tom Mitchell was out driving around when he came upon a terrifying scene Saturday: a pickup truck flipped over in a ditch full of rushing water near Myrtle Springs, Texas.

Inside was Phillip Ocheltree, his infant son Marshal, and his toddler daughter Addyson.

When Mitchell arrived, half a dozen people were working frantically to extricate the family from the vehicle, but the rushing water was so swift that they couldn’t even open the door.

Then one of the rescuers rushes from the vehicle carrying an unresponsive infant.


Toddler Can’t Stop Laughing After Locking Himself In Car While 5 Firefighters Try To Rescue Him

Toddler Brandon Emery, 14 months, could probably host one of those how-to-keep-stress-free seminars. Recently he accidentally locked himself in his mom’s car but kept his cool and had a blast with the firefighters who came to save him!

Everything started when Brandon’s mother, Kirsty Green, had placed her car keys in the boot while she was loading the vehicle with groceries. Her son pushed down the central locks inside the car, and there was no way she could get him out.

“I was a bit panicky at first, wondering how I was going to get him out”, Brandon’s mother, Kirsty Green,…

Long naps lead to less night sleep for toddlers

toddler napping
SNOOZE NOW OR LATER Late afternoon naps can push back bedtime, but naps probably don’t affect the total amount of sleep a toddler gets in a 24-hour period, a study suggests.

Like most moms and dads, my time in the post-baby throes of sleep deprivation is a hazy memory. But I do remember feeling instant rage upon hearing a popular piece of advice for how to get my little one some shut-eye: “sleep begets sleep.” The rule’s reasoning is unassailable: To get some sleep, my baby just had to get some sleep. Oh. So helpful. Thank you, lady in the post office and entire Internet.

So I admit to feeling some satisfaction when I came across a study that found an exception to the “sleep begets sleep” rule. The study quite reasonably suggests there is a finite amount of sleep to be had, at least for the 50 Japanese 19-month-olds tracked by researchers.

The researchers used activity monitors to record a week’s worth of babies’ daytime naps, nighttime sleep and activity patterns. The results, published June 9, 2016, in Scientific Reports, showed…

After Cashier Asks 2-Year-Old Girl If She Wants Doll That Looks ‘More Like Her,’ Toddler Brilliantly Shuts Her Down

Sophia Benner, from South Carolina, is two years old. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor. So when her mom, Brandi, recently took her shopping at Target for a potty graduation gift, it came as no surprise that Sophia chose a doctor doll.

What DID come as a surprise however was the cashier’s reaction to the doll she picked out. Why? Because the doll was black, something that Brandi and her daughter hadn’t thought much about until the cashier said to Sophia, “Are you sure this is the doll you want, honey?” When the little girl said yes, the cashier continued…