Space Mountain Opened Opened Today in 1975

On January 15, 1975, Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain rollercoaster opened to the public. It was the key feature of Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

An enormous pageant was held to celebrate the event, featuring “thousands of flying doves, a pageant of nations, a 2000-member band, 50,000 balloons,” and red, white, and blue fireworks. Mercury 7

A Few Things You Didn’t Not Know About Disney’s Adventureland

Disney’s Adventureland has been overshadowed by flashier theme park areas like Toon Town or Tomorrowland, but back in the early days of Disneyland it was considered the most exotic and exciting part of the park.

Adventureland has it all- a boat cruise that takes visitors down the wildest rivers in the world, a Hawaiian-themed show where the birds all sing and the flowers croon, and a thrilling yet bumpy ride starring Indiana Jones.

But Adventureland was really different on paper-…