Trial and error

Most of Us Are Similar When We’re Small, but Then Critical Thinking Differentiates Us

From the moment we are born, the process of conditioning begins. This is a necessity of course, and is the key to our survival. Our guardians help us to feel the comfort and safety of the world outside the womb. We are guided to feed, sleep and communicate in the first days and weeks of our lives. As our cognitive skills grow and our awareness sharpens, we start to learn the ways of the people responsible for keeping us alive. Our years of learning begin even before we go out into the world to assimilate into society and join the myriad of institutions and social systems that will shape us into hopefully intelligent, independent and functioning adults.

We must learn how to collect information, assess situations and make decisions. This is called Critical Thinking and will enable us to live successful and fulfilling lives.

Critical thinking is the ability to objectively assess information in order to make sound judgement. From the smallest decisions to the most complex, this ability will determine the trajectory of our life.

Knowing how to perfect critical thinking relies on a number of traits that develop over time; by learning from example, trial and error and eventual self-determination. Identifying these traits and allowing them to become like second nature will facilitate critical thinking and studies 1 have shown that critical thinking disposition is not necessarily inhale rent, it needs to be taught, practiced, developed and perfected.

Here are ten traits of sound critical thinking skills.


You need to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to be able to think critically. That means imaging yourself experiencing something that someone else is going through.


You must be able to exercise objectivity. That means looking at an issue from two opposing sides and considering all the factors in between.


You require facts. It is no good merely hypothesizing. You need to look at proven and tested information that support various aspects of an issue or decision.


You need to be able to think laterally. Can you come to a decision unconventionally? Sometimes, the answer is not immediately obvious and needs a diverse perspective.


You must ask what is the benefit and the cost? Do your decisions have adverse impacts on others? Are you only advantaging yourself? What is the collateral damage if any?


You must weigh…

How to Position Your Netgear Arlo Cameras the Easy Way

When positioning most security cameras, it takes some time and a bit of trial and error to get them set up perfectly. However, Netgear has added some features that makes the setup process a lot easier for its Arlo cameras.

It’s not too difficult to get the perfect angle of a security camera; you have to take a guess and then look at the live video feed to see how good of a job you did. If you were off a bit, you would make some adjustments.

However, adjusting the motion sensitivity is probably the most painstaking process, since it can take a few tries to get it even remotely where you want it. With Netgear’s Arlo cameras, though, there are features in the app that makes installing and positioning cameras a lot easier.

Nos apasiona apantallarte. Cuando vas al concierto y estadio.

First, Find the Ideal Place to Mount Your Camera

Before we dive deep into the positioning features in the Arlo app, the camera itself needs to be mounted somewhere (obviously).

Only you can have the best judgement when it comes to finding the best place to put your Arlo camera, since every house is different. However, Netgear does offer some suggestions of their own, such as placing the camera up high and…