How to Change Your Display Name on Twitter

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has never insisted people user their real names. In fact, there’s a long tradition of people changing their names to a joke or pun because it’s Christmas or Halloween, or just for no reason at all.

Just this week, half the How-To Geek staff changed their name to Justin Pot, just to annoy the real Justin Pot. Even The Geek himself got in on the act.

So let’s look at how to change your…

Twitter Had A Field Day With The Ivanka Trump Brand Father’s Day Gift Guide

Ivanka Trump has made moves to distance herself from her clothing and lifestyle brand.

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and lifestyle brands are sharing their top gift recommendations ― that includes Ivanka Trump’s brand.

The tweet features a photo of gift options, like grilling tools and coasters. “Whether a football lover or a coffee aficionado, these picks will please every dad,” Ivanka Trump HQ wrote.

Trump has made moves to distance herself from her clothing and lifestyle brand and currently serves as an “assistant to the president,” but

Twitter Thinks Apple’s HomePod Looks Like A Roll Of Toilet Paper

Yesterday Apple unveiled HomePod, a home speaker system that plays music and takes commands. The cylindrical, motor-driven device comes in white and space gray and will retail for $349 when it hits stores in December.

HomePod is going to be the most expensive scratching post my cat has ever had.

— Jessie Char (@jessiechar) June 5, 2017

please do NOT eat the homepod it is NOT an electric marshmallow try ordering…

Captain America Congratulates Wonder Woman On Twitter

Wonder Woman notched over $100 million dollars at the box office over the course of the movie’s opening weekend and continues power ahead, both critically and financially.

Hollywood stars have taken to their various social media platforms to praise both Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince as well as Patty Jenkin’s superhero directorial debut. Now, Chris Evans — the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Steve Rogers/Captain America — has reached out to congratulate the movie on Twitter.

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“Wow!!!!” Evans posted on the microblogging service. “HUGE congrats.”

Evans rounded the tweet out by adding in an explosion emoji while tagging the movie’s official Twitter profile.

Grossing $122.5 million internationally, Wonder Woman’s $223 million was enough to unseat Fifty Shades of Grey as the largest opening for a woman-directed film.

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 4,…

Trump Twitter bot reminds us that all his tweets are coming from the White House

The often flippant, emotional stream of tweets from President Trump never ceases to amaze, particularly since it is, for all intents and purposes, filled with official messages from the White House.

Now, thanks to one clever Twitter user, we can view those often bombastic, poorly worded, and downright trivial tweets in their proper context: official White House statements.

On Sunday, Twitter user Russel Neiss launched a new Twitter bot called Real Press Sec., which takes Trump’s tweets and presents them in the familiar form of an official White House press statement. The effect of seeing Trump’s social media bloviation as history-framed, official-looking statements from the nation’s highest office is devastatingly poignant.

This week in apps: Twitter filters DMs, Sling TV gets grid guide and more switch it up

Keeping up with this week’s new apps and updates might not have been at the top of your list, given all the upset around Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement. But don’t worry, we’ve kept up for you.

Each week we round up the most important app news along with some of the coolest new and updated apps to help you stay in the loop with everything you need on your phone.

Here’s what caught our eye this week. If you’re looking for more, make sure to check out last week’s roundup of top apps.

Twitter is filtering DMs

but for real this Twitter update just neatly organized my DM’s into actual conversations and missed shots

— نيا ياسمين طارق (@nyazzyt) June 2, 2017

It seems like half of the world’s memes somehow mention ‘sliding into the DMs’. Until now, anyone with a will found a way into your Twitter inbox. But, Twitter recently updated the messaging system by filtering DMs into two folders. Messages from people you follow will go into your ‘inbox’, while messages from strangers or people you don’t follow will be filtered into ‘requests’.

The update gives you the option to preview messages in requests before either accepting or deleting them. Once you accept a message, future communication from that user will go directly to your inbox and not into requests even if you still don’t follow them.

Just be sure to keep an eye on both folders to make sure you don’t end up missing important information from new potential contacts.

SlingTV makes it easier to find favorites

Looking for a snapshot of what’s on TV? Our new grid guide makes it…

Cute dog account apologizes for ‘covfefe’ hat and we’ve reached peak outrage

This is Dewey, pronounced 'covfefe.'
This is Dewey, pronounced ‘covfefe.’

WeRateDogs, a Twitter account and site that does exactly that, jumped on the “covfefe” train after Donald Trump tweeted out a word that didn’t exist before Wednesday morning, but by this afternoon, somehow became part of the lexicon of everyone you know.

The WeRateDogs account started tweeting with the instantly trending “word” and then whipped up some hats to sell on their site alongside other merchandise. The “Covfefe AF” hat was born—and as a bonus, with the $23 purchase a donation to a charity.

This is Dewey (pronounced “covfefe”). He’s having a good walk. Arguably the best walk. 13/10 would snug softly

— WeRateDogs™ (@dog_rates) May 31, 2017

In a “pupdate,” the site announced that half of all hat profits would be donated to Planned Parenthood. It seemed like a solid plan—until…

Of course, the internet made a lot of memes out of the 2017 Met Gala

The Met Gala is intended to be a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, but who are we kidding—it’s also one of the best nights for scrolling through Twitter.

Meme connoisseurs and 140-character comedians were out in full force last night as they watched celebrities strut the red carpet. We gathered the best tweets and memes that will have us LOL-ing until next year’s event.

Kylie Jenner’s familiar ensemble…

Beyoncé didn’t show up, but…

Twitter Fails E.U. Standard on Removing Hate Speech Online

Twitter has failed to meet European standards for removing hate speech online, figures to be published Thursday show, as pressure mounts, particularly on the Continent, for tech companies to do more to tackle such harmful material.

The battle between European policy makers and tech companies over what should be permitted online has pitted freedom of speech campaigners against those who say hate speech — in whatever form — has no place on the internet.

In this standoff, European officials have called on Silicon Valley companies to take down at least 50 percent of the hate speech from their services once they are notified, and they signed up the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google to a voluntary code of conduct last year to combat the rising tide of harmful content online.

But findings to be published by the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, show that Twitter removed hate speech from its network less than 40 percent of the time after such content had been flagged to the company.

While the social network failed to meet the European standard, it has improved significantly from a study published late last year, which found that it removed a mere 19 percent of hate speech when notified.

It comes as pressure mounts on Twitter, whose revenue and user figures continue to stall, to clean up its act as the company has become one of the main mechanisms for internet trolls to…

This site helps you donate money to charities every time Donald Trump tweets

This site helps you donate money to charities every time Donald Trump tweets

Donald Trump’s Twitter feed isn’t good for much, except perhaps as a psychological case study of what happens when you mix hubris, insanity, and unfathomable power, and drip-feed it to the world 140 characters at a time.

One person trying to make the most of this undrained swamp is Allyson Kapin, co-founder of Rad Campaign, a social change web agency. Her latest project, WeCanResist.It, lets you turn The Donald’s tweets into donations for non-profits and charities opposing the actions of the Cheeto Benito.

When you sign up, you can choose the charities you wish to support, and how much you wish to donate per tweet. You can also set up a monthly maximum, which is probably a good idea, because Donald Trump likes to tweet – a lot.

Then, whenever Trump posts something insane — like “The Fake Media is working overtime today!” — WeCanResist.It will add your donation to a ‘tab.’ At the end of the month, it will sting your credit card and pass the money to…