50 Free Online Resources for Self-Motivated Learners

I work full time and often feel that my skills and competencies are becoming redundant as time passes.

New technologies, degrees and more innovative methods of teaching at modern universities clearly give an edge to the younger lot of the workforce who have access to more modern and innovative teaching methods.

In such a scenario, a person like me would always dig out relatively less expensive and readily accessible online resources to upgrade my knowledge and skills so that I can keep up to date with the modern demands of the new work ethics.

Language Learning

This is one of the best language websites1 that allow you to learn new phrases and vocabulary. It has audio recording options, dialogues, writing exercises and native speakers’ interaction.

This is specially a good website to provide a large collection of languages to learn.

From the name itself, it is best for getting intensive yet detailed grammar lessons.

This web gives you the opportunity to study a new language flexibly. You can learn it according to your own schedule with any device, from anywhere in the world. Since 1992, Rosetta Stone’s language division has been helping all types of learners to read, write, and speak more than 30 languages through cloud-based solutions.

The website utilizes mnemonic flashcards to help you learn vocabulary better. This is great source if you are preparing for SAT or TOEFL.

Career Advancement

The site allows you to explore any topic, subject, or even school in just seconds. It has a smart search bar and free online education from exclusive universities worldwide.

It has customized courses made to improve your skills in a certain field. Reputable materials are accessible to make you more effective in the office.

Alison is typically good to provide basic education and workplace related skills to improve the practical knowledge of the persons. Most of its courses are free.

This is another grammar-based resource that contains materials for listening and speaking.

If you want to improve your speaking skills, this resource is probably one of the finest resources to offer great help in learning basics of refined speaking and listening skills.

Technology Knowledge

Goodwill Community Foundation and Goodwill Industries spearheaded the site’s development for modern skills learning.

Learn personal computing at your own convenience via this website. It provides an explanation to stuff on the internet, information technology, and cloud computing.

Creative technology is considerably easier to learn on this site. It teaches web design, graphic design, coding, business, etc.

Udemy offers a great source on what can be learned easily and on your own pace with little investment.

As the name suggests, you can figure out how programming works via the smart site.

I use codeacdemy to learn coding on data analytics, artificial intelligence, making antivirus app2 as well as learning how to code for iOS apps. It is a treasure trove for best quality information on coding and programming.

You may learn JavaScript, CSS, and HTML skills from the site. This is a very comprehensive source on learning the basics of web programming and designing and covers a large variety of topics on these issues.

Learn graphic design and interactive creative works via the website.

Free and paid courses for data science are accessible on the site, specifically prepared by professionals and professors.

Coding and app development lectures are found on the websites. Kid-friendly courses are also available.

Designers supplied 50-unit lesson plan for the site, covering mobile apps, web design, and multimedia application.

The modules of the site are easy to understand and short, implying beginners will find it highly useful.

It gives motivated learners opportunity to study higher education…

3 Reno startups thriving beyond Silicon Valley

This is a picture of the famous sign in Reno, Nevada, a city whose nickname is

Silicon Valley loves to talk about what makes it special: great universities nearby, a networked VC community, quality of life. But rising rents and crowded freeways have strained that, just as other emerging tech hubs are enticing not only startups but the talented workers who want to work for them.

After years of drawing in educated tech workers, some areas of the Bay Area faced an emigration of workers in 2016, according to U.S. Census data. That’s not only enticing some startups to set down roots outside major tech centers like Silicon Valley and New York, but to find talent who want to put down their own roots in more affordable soil.

Three Reno, Nevada-based startups discussed these themes during a panel discussion at a VentureBeat event to launch its Heartland Tech channel ahead of the 2017 Blueprint conference. At the gathering, founders of the companies told their stories of growth outside the world of tech metropoleis.

The bootstrapped biker

In 2011, Nate Pearson was training for a triathalon. But the $20 per class fee was a little steep for the recent University of Nevada grad, so he came up with a solution: He wrote his own workout software do help him perform training on his own. Not long after that, he recruited his former training coach and launched TrainerRoad, which allows cyclists to do power-based training in their own homes.

Above: TrainerRoad CEO Nate Pearson

Since then, TrainerRoad has grown to 56 employees and become a net-profitable enterprise – all without any venture or angel funding. Instead, Pearson and his co-founders bootstrapped the company with $10,000 they scraped together and have since financed its growth through cash flows.

In contrast to the invest-to-grow-fast attitude of many Silicon Valley startups, TrainerRoad hires employees as it can afford to and markets to a niche user base through its podcast and a support staff that responds to mentions of the app on biker forums. Engineers are recruited via sites like Stack Exchange, mostly hailing outside the Bay Area.

“It’s possible to build a successful startup without VC investment and hiring in the Bay Area,” Pearson told VentureBeat. “There’s not just one way to do it, especially if you’re not shooting for the moon.”

That approach also allows TrainerRoad to focus on training its customers without worrying about investor exit strategies. Its next goals are incorporating more outside analytics and adding more planned workouts. “We may not become a unicorn,” Pearson said, “but we’re expanding on what we’ve built…