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Why Do Cans of Diet Coke Float While Regular Coke Sinks?

In high school, my physics teacher took two cans of soda from a vending machine, plopped them in an aquarium filled with tap water, and blew our minds. The Diet Coke can floated to the top, while the regular Coke sat on the bottom. Why?

If you like thinking things through, perhaps pause here and noodle on this one.

The answer is a real forehead-smacker: sugar. While…

Egg Vending Machine at Glaum’s Ranch

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$4 for eggs and a floorshow
Easter is a cacophony of chickens Sebastian “Seb” Frey (CC BY 2.0)
Fourth of July chickens Inside Santa Cruz (CC BY 2.0)
The chicken floor show at Glaum Egg Ranch biobetl (CC BY 2.0)
Christmas at the egg ranch Yuriemedia/CC BY 2.0
Eggs Yuriemedia/CC BY 2.0

Sure, you could go and buy your eggs at the grocery store like everyone…

These Vending Machines Can Dispense Locally Sourced Food and Drinks

Vending machines are awesome! For a few coins or dollars, you can quickly buy just about anything from a can of Coca-Cola to random used books or even Holy Water. Now a new California-based startup called Byte Foods is looking to reinvent vending machine food by keeping theirs fully stocked with fresh, healthy, locally sourced food and drinks, according to TechCrunch.

Internet-connected vending machines aren’t new, but Byte is taking the next step forward by adding RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology and smart analytics software. Byte’s vending machines—which are filled with mostly organic beverages, iced coffee, sandwiches, soups, salads, and even burritos—look like the refrigerated displays and kiosks you’d find at any convenience store, only the units are locked and come with a touchscreen menu with a list of item…