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Venom, Silver & Black Take Place in Spider-Man: Homecoming Universe

There is still a chance that Tom Holland's Spider-Man could show up in Venom or Silver & Black.

Don’t think we saw this one coming. Or maybe we should have. Either way, this is a pretty massive development. Amy Pascal, who is heading up the Spider-Man movie projects over at Sony, just dropped a pretty big bombshell on all of us. Even though every prior report indicated that the upcoming Venom solo movie and the in-the-works Silver and Black movie, centering on Silver Sable and Black Cat, will not be at all related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It turns out that isn’t true. Right from the mouth of the one in charge, we now know that Venom and Spider-Man: Homecoming do take place in the same universe. Which means they’re also part of the MCU? Well, not so quick…

Tom Holland Updates recently posted a brief interview clip to their Twitter account featuring Amy Pascal and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. During the interview, Amy Pascal was asked if the Venom movie, as well as the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie, will take place in their own universe or if they will somehow connect to what is currently being done with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Here’s what she had to say about it.

“It will all take place in the world we are now creating for Peter Parker. It’ll be adjunct to it, it may be different locations, but it will all still be in the same world and they will be connected to each other as well.”

When she says “they will be connected to each other as well,” she is referring to the Sony spin-off movies, just to be clear. She isn’t saying that Venom and Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 are going to cross paths. At least not yet. Given her somewhat surprising response to this question, the interviewer asked if we could see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man meeting up with Tom Hardy’s Venom in some sort of crossover situation…

Will The MCU Really Consider Sony’s Spider-Man Spinoffs Canon?

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Many Marvel fans were surprised earlier today upon learning that Sony‘s Spider-Man spinoff films would, in fact, tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For some, this would seem like a foregone conclusion, especially considering the long road it has taken to get Spider-Man into the MCU. With Marvel Studios essentially now sharing custody of the character with Sony Pictures – who owns the film rights to the web-slinger – some would have expected other characters to follow suit.

The only problem? Various conflicting reports have suggested otherwise. With both Venom and Silver & Black in development, Sony appeared to be introducing what it called “Sony’s Marvel Universe”, which would presumably be independent from the MCU. Sony’s efforts even led to speculation that Spider-Man himself would be leaving the MCU after a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, which were later refuted by the film’s star, Tom Holland.

And just a few days ago, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige asserted that the two companies’ Marvel universes would stay separate, directly contradicting the claims that Sony’s Amy Pascal made earlier today.

So with the possibility of even more connected Marvel films on the horizon, how exactly could that manifest? Will the MCU actually consider Sony’s spinoffs canon? We break down a few possibilities.


There is a chance that Feige’s original comments could remain true, and Sony’s Marvel Universe could be entirely walled off from the MCU.

Marvel Studios has been adding to the MCU for a full decade now, with significant amounts of money and effort going into making it the well-oiled machine fans see today. With at least two feature films planned to be released each year until 2020, Marvel has its movie-making down to a science, plotting out Easter eggs and teases far in advance.

Adding Sony’s films into the fold, and giving them the same narrative weight in the MCU, could only further disrupt what Marvel has planned for the next few years.

There’s also the issue of…

Tom Hardy to Star in ‘Venom,’ Ruben Fleischer to Direct

Tom Hardy Venom Spiderman

Tom Hardy will star in Sony’s long-awaited “Spider-Man” movie “Venom,” with “Zombieland” helmer Ruben Fleischer on board to direct.

While “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is still two months away from opening, Sony is acting quickly to build its extended universe, which starts with the “Venom” movie.

Although the studio has been meeting with directors for some time, the actor selection process sped up after Hardy exited J.C. Chandor’s action-thriller “Triple Frontier,” and Sony saw an opportunity to court an in-demand talent.

Spider-Man Venom
Venom Gets 2018 Release Date, ‘Girl in the Spider’s Web’ Shifted Back Two Weeks

Fleischer showcased his ability to bring together dark themes and humor in “Zombieland,” and according to sources, Hardy is a huge fan of Venom. Hardy’s only previous film in the superhero genre is 2012’s “The Dark…