Domino’s Launches a Wedding Registry for Pizza-Loving Couples

If you believe the foundation of a strong marriage is a shared love of pizza, Domino’s has good news: The chain has unveiled a wedding registry that swaps out stuffy silverware for Domino’s eGift cards.

Engaged couples can register at to receive an array of pizza gift packages. Wedding guests can select the “2 a.m. Bachelor Party Feast” to treat the groom before his big day, or the “Dancing with My Slice”…

Megabus Wants to Throw You a Free Wedding (on a Megabus)

Marriage can be a bumpy road, but Megabus wants to give one lucky couple a smooth start by awarding them a free wedding. The discount travel company’s new “Marry Me On A Megabus” sweepstakes provides winners with an all-expenses-paid ceremony aboard a bus, along with two round-trip tickets for the honeymoon and $2500 in cash.

For most people, buses don’t exactly scream “romance.” But according to Sean Hughes, Megabus’s director of public affairs, they often serve as a vehicle for lasting love.

“Over the past 10 years, we have loved hearing about couples…

Look Out for these 11 Hidden Wedding Costs

Before you’re able to raise a glass and cut a rug on your wedding day, you’ll likely spend months planning and budgeting for the event. Because the unfortunate truth is, whether you have 10 guests or 300, celebrating your love with the people close to you is going to cost you some money. Save yourself heartbreak and headache by anticipating these 11 often-overlooked or hidden expenses.


You want to look your best on your big day, and that may mean hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup. But when all eyes are on you, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable with a new style. A trial with your hair and makeup stylist—in which you test a number of looks and pick your favorite—is a smart idea, but it doesn’t come free. While it varies from stylist to stylist, you can plan on spending $100 to $300 (or more) on your trial.

A service charge is a mandatory charge your vendor may add to your final bill. While this is often used to pay the staff (servers, bartenders, etc.), it does not always take the place of gratuity. Be sure to ask your vendor whether this is the case and if any extra gratuity is expected. While another charge may be hard to swallow, it’s much better to face it head-on than to accidentally stiff the staff their tip.

Unless you’ve chosen an all-inclusive venue, you’re going to have to pay someone—be it the venue, the caterer, or a rentals company—to rent just about everything you can think of. For starters, you’ll need chairs, tables, flatware, silverware, and linens. Start by talking to your venue about what is included in the price, then see if your caterer (if you have one) can help you fill in any holes.


All those rented items—as well as your flowers,…