Uber is Giving UK Wheelchair Users Free Lifts to Polling Places This Week

Ride-sharing app and transportation company Uber is offering free rides to polling stations for UK wheelchair users on Thursday.

Anyone in need of a lift for the elections between 7AM and 10PM in London, Birmingham, or Manchester can use the UberACCESS feature to request wheelchair-accessible transport for free.

Though Uber is footing the bill for the rides, they have partnered with the disability charity Whizz-Kidz in order to get the word out.

“Exercising your right to vote is such a fundamental milestone in transitioning from childhood to adulthood. For many young wheelchair users across the…

Researchers Create Motorized Wheelchair Made for the Water Park

image credit: University of Pittsburgh

Despite advances in technology, there are many aspects of the world that remain inaccessible to people with disabilities. But researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are working to make one activity easier for people who use motorized wheelchairs: navigating water parks.

The average motorized wheelchair has a number of electrical and battery components that can’t get wet, limiting who can access the joys of splash parks and pools. But a new wheelchair that uses compressed air instead of a heavy battery could change that, Gizmodo recently reported.

Created through a joint research project between University of Pittsburgh engineers, the university’s medical center, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the PneuChair is lighter and quicker to charge…