Thanks to Wikileaks we can all laugh at the CIA’s collection of bad memes

Wikileaks dumped a huge cache of CIA documents and files this morning in the first of a series of Vault 7 leaks, and in doing so, showed the world the agency’s horrible taste in memes.

The whole leak, codenamed “Year Zero,” can be viewed via torrent download. When you check out all the files on your PC, you’ll find more than just zipped documents and PDFs. There’s a whole array of .gifs and .jpgs too — and most of them are memes. Old, lame memes, for the most part.

Here’s a quick look at some of the memes that came along with the dump. You’ll see they include everything from Boromir’s “One does not simply…” warning to a pipe-smoking baby.

These memes are kind of lame.

Image: Desktop screenshot

These memes are kind of lame.

The leak sadly does not contain a reason why the CIA would want an enormous database of memes, but it can be assumed that the agency might have used them to translate all the civilian internetspeak that flew over their heads or even for interagency use. Many of…

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