Wonder Woman

Why Wonder Woman Might Be Even Bigger than You Thought

Few films have been built up with the same kind of breathless anticipation and anxiety as Wonder Woman. Ever since the explosion of blockbuster comic-book movies—since before then, even—fans have been waiting for a live-action adaptation of the Amazonian Diana Prince and her lasso of truth. Then they waited a little bit more. And more. But now, the superhero’s journey is nearly here—set to hit theaters on June 2, with actress Gal Gadot playing the lead. On Thursday night, critics who have already seen Wonder Woman were finally allowed to share their initial reaction to the film—and it appears DC has a wondrous hit on its hands.

Kate Erbland of Indiewire said the film has “humor and heart,” and that Gadot and co-star Chris Pine are “charming as hell.”

Peter Sciretta of /Film said it is “funnier, more action packed than you’re probably expecting.”

Critic Courtney Howard found it “absolutely empowering.”

The list goes on. Behold, even more 140-character praise of the film:

Prior to these initial reactions, there has been no shortage of speculation about the film. Theories circulating online…

‘Wonder Woman’: Gal Gadot Brings New Trailer to MTV Movie & TV Awards

Wonder Woman is less than one month away, but there’s still plenty of time to build anticipation for the DC superhero’s first solo big-screen adventure.

Gal Gadot brought a new trailer to Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, leaving little doubt that the film’s action will be worthy of a warrior princes.

The trailer comes as Wonder Woman is nearing the finish line a nearly year-long publicity blitz that began with the first trailer from San Diego Comic-Con.

Wonder Woman stars Gadot at the DC heroe, with Patty…

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Wants Wonder Woman’s Director To Oversee Jungle Cruise

With Wonder Woman set to debut next month, Patty Jenkins‘ mark on the iconic female character will finally be able to be seen by the general public.

And while its unclear what project Jenkins will go to next, a fellow member of the DCEU family has expressed his interest in teaming up with her on a film.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – who is set to play the villainous Black Adam in the DC Cinematic Universe – is also working on Jungle Cruise, an action-adventure film based on the Disney Parks ride. And according to a recent report from the AP, Johnson would love to have Jenkins helm the film.

“Patty has that really cool edge.” Johnson said. “I felt like she could be a really cool choice for a movie like Jungle Cruise. Plus, you know what? I’m just a big fan.”

It’s unclear if Jenkins has any interest in the film, but the endorsement from Johnson would certainly help her cause. And having…