What Is “backupd” and Why Is It Running on My Mac?

You notice a process named “backupd” while using Activity Monitor. What is this process, and why is it running on your Mac?

This article is part of our ongoing series explaining various processes found in Activity Monitor, like kernel_task, hidd, mdsworker, installd, WindowServer, blued, launchd, and many others. Don’t know what those services are? Better start reading!

Daemons are processes that run in the background in macOS. The process backupd is the daemon that powers Time Machine—the best way to back up your Mac. The backupd daemon backs up your files every hour, meaning that when your Time Machine backup is running, you’ll notice backupd using up some CPU and memory. You may also noticed a related process in Activity Monitor named backupd-helper. This process helps connect your backup drive in time for your backups to run—particularly if the backup location is on the network.

How to Tell If Time Machine Is Running

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