Nearsighted or colorblind? Here are helpful options on iOS and Android

Nearsighted or colorblind? Here are helpful options on iOS and Android

In the smartphone-centric world of today, it can be rough if you suffer from any kind of ocular condition which keeps you from seeing your phone clearly all the time. Meaning, if you’re visually impaired or colorblind, you might have trouble seeing the hyper-colored, tiny text many sighted people take for granted.

There are, of course, hardware solutions and apps designed to help, but you’ll also be able to find some options already built into your phone.

Here are a few accessibility options you can find on iPhones and Android which might help you if you have some kind of visual impairment.

Color Correction

Colorblindness afflicts a small percentage of the population, and both kinds of phones have options which change the colors on screen to make the viewing experience easier for those who suffer from it.

There are several different types of colorblindness, each of which limits different spectrums of color. Some of the most common types include protopanopia (red-weakness), deuteranopia (green-weakness), and tritanopia (blue-weakness). If you have any of these types of colorblindness, then you can adjust your phone’s spectrum to accommodate you.

On iPhones, the options can be a little hard to find. Go to Settings > General. Under the Accessibility options, select Display Accommodations, and then Color Filters. From there, select from a list of options depending on…

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