Callisto to launch sexual harassment tracking for tech startup founders

Above: Callisto founder Jessica Ladd speaks during a 2016 TED Talk

Callisto today announced plans to launch a platform for tech startup founders to report incidents of sexual harassment. This is Callisto’s first effort to make its platform for reporting unwanted sexual contact extend beyond college campuses. Among startup founders, the platform is likely to find incidents of sexual harassment highest among investors, founder Jessica Ladd told VentureBeat, however Callisto’s expansion is funded in part by VC firms like Greylock Partners and First Round Capital.

“Our hope is that if founders see the value in this they’ll want it for their own companies, and if VCs see the value in this they’ll want it for their portfolio companies,” Ladd told VentureBeat in a phone interview.

Launched in 2015, Callisto’s Campus offering is now available for reporting sexual assault on 13 colleges and universities, including Stanford University and other schools in California, Iowa, and New York.

Callisto’s tech startup founder offering will focus on sexual harassment and unwanted sexual contact of any kind.

Both on college campuses and in the tech startup investment world, Callisto is built based on the knowledge that women may feel more comfortable or compelled to come forward if other victims come forward too.

It was also made to identify repeat sexual offenders.

That’s why, in the college version, Callisto alerts a victim each time the person they were assaulted by is accused by another person. The victim then has the option to forward their timestamped document detailing their assault to…

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