‘The Flash’ Recap With Spoilers: “Run, Iris, Run”

FLA416a_0223b (1)
FLA416a_0223b (1)

“Run, Iris, Run” begins with Cisco and Wells brainstorming ways on how to protect the remaining three metahumans that were on the bus.

Wells calls the group together and starts telling them a plan that involves an “intelligence booster,” an invention he thought of that would boost the intelligence of whoever wears the cap.

In order for the cap to work, Wells would have to be exposed to lethal amounts of dark matter. Iris and Caitlin agree with the process but Cisco disagrees and refuses to help Wells on what he considers a suicide mission.

Upset that the team finally has a way to stop DeVoe but can’t agree on using the cap, Ralph Dibny storms off. Following him to try to talk him down, Iris is unable to speak some sense into Dibny, who leaves STAR Labs.

Barry and Joe are talking over a cup of coffee at Jitters. Joe reveals to Barry that the mayor of Central City wants to talk to DeVoe and Joe tells Barry that Ralph needs to impersonate The Thinker once more.

At the Central City bank, a robber is using his fire-based powers to break into a safe. He’s soon approached by a bystander, who tries talking him down from doing it. The two scuffle and it’s revealed that the bystander was able to remove the powers from the fire-wielding villain.

Cisco and Joe are on location at the bank examining the melted vault door. While questioning the apprehended robber, who claims he’s been a metahuman for years, not making him a ” bus meta,” the pair discovers that the robber’s powers no longer exist. They were taken by the bystander who stopped the robbery earlier.

At STAR Labs, Dibny is helping Wells put together his intelligence cap, which ends up on fire after a…

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