12 Gov’t Social Media Accounts You Should Follow

In the Trump era, Twitter has become the de facto way that the White House communicates with the American public. But @realDonaldTrump isn’t the only government social media account out there. By keeping an eye on various authorities on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can stay on top of just about everything: how to save energy, when you can get a deal on park entrance, how early you should get to the airport, and whether you need to board up your windows due to an oncoming storm.

1. National Weather Service

What it’s good for: Severe weather alerts nationwide, making it valuable to travelers. If you’re expecting a hurricane, a blizzard, or a flood, follow one of the local accounts the NWS maintains so you know whether you need to evacuate.

2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What it’s good for: Handy health info such as how to differentiate a cold from the flu, or where to get a yellow fever vaccination. You’ll also get warnings about food recalls due to bacterial contamination.

Add @cdcemergency to your follows, too. This is where the CDC puts its warnings about public health emergencies such as epidemics and natural disasters.

3. Department of Interior

What it’s good for: Stunning vistas and wildlife pics from our public lands. You’ll also get a heads up when admission to National Parks is free. These accounts will also alert the public if there’s a wildfire in a park or if a government shutdown is closing parks.

4. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

What it’s good for: Education on how to recognize financial scams, your rights when collectors call, and any changes in tax laws. Also, you’ll probably hear about a major financial data breach here first. (See also: 6 Ways Social Media Can Save You Money)

5. Transportation Security Administration

What it’s good for: Your travel questions get answered here, such as, “Can…

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