Kevin’s Week in Tech: Another Facebook-Free Edition

Steve Huffman, the chief executive of Reddit, clarified the online forum’s policies by saying, “To be perfectly clear, while racism itself isn’t against the rules, it’s not welcome here.”

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Well, friends, we did it again. We got through another week of wall-to-wall news about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s two-day marathon of congressional testimony is over, and if you had better things to do than spend 10 hours watching a group of lawmakers ask an internet billionaire how computers work, you can catch up on our coverage here. (Or here, here, here, here, here, here, here or here. We’ve been busy.)

But as always, there is more to tech news than Facebook. So here are a few other stories that might have escaped your attention this week.

Reddit Reveals Russian Trolls and Debates Racism

Reddit is one of the more interesting tech companies out there. I’ve written about how it has battled (somewhat successfully) to keep toxic behavior off its site, by shutting down subforums devoted to racist and hateful topics.

But some troubles remain. This week, Reddit’s chief executive, Steve Huffman, ended up facing questions after revealing that the company had identified 944 Reddit accounts that it suspected of links to Russia’s Internet Research Agency.

As part of the announcement, Mr. Huffman ended up causing an even bigger stir by answering a question from a user about whether open racism was prohibited on the site under Reddit’s rules. “It’s not,” Mr….

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