The Best Slim, Low Profile iPhone X Cases (That Still Protect Your Phone)

Sturdy and bulky cases are great if you live a rugged lifestyle, but how about if you just need some slim and simple protection for your iPhone X? If you’re in the market for something to take the edge off the odd bump or scuff we’ve got some great slim and low profile iPhone X cases for you.

We’ve already covered tougher cases for protecting your phone on your clumsiest (most adventurous?) of days, and now we’re back with some iPhone X cases that are significantly slimmer and better suited for casual protection.

These cases aren’t the best choice for surviving a tumble off a high ladder or dirt bike, but they should be good to go for those times when you make the (horrific) mistake of putting your iPhone in a pocket alongside your keys, when you scrape it across the kitchen side, knock it off the nightstand, or just for those times you want to avoid fingerprints all over the back of the case.

So if you’re in the market for a great case that offers good casual protection (and without the pocket-straining bulk of a 3-layer impact resistant case) it’s tough to go wrong with our picks. Not only are they easy to hold and easy on your pocket, they look great and won’t make your premium phone look cheap. Here are the best slim, low profile iPhone X cases out there.

Apple iPhone X Silicone Case ($34-39)

Unsurprisingly, Apple has developed a great silicone based case for your iPhone X. Priced at between $34 and $39 (depending on your color choice), it’s suitable for most users.

The killer feature for this case is that it’s so snug. It lines the outside of your iPhone like a second skin, so it feels comfortable for you to hold and touch, while also making it easy to access the buttons. It works perfectly with wireless charging too, so there’s never any need to remove the case. It’s exactly what you would expect from Apple because, after all, they designed the case for their own phone and they know a thing or two about stylish design, at that. If you’re in need of a lightweight but protective and stylish case, you can’t go wrong with this.

Apple iPhone X Leather…

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